Science Council launches 'glowing CPD' campaign

Science Council launches 'glowing CPD' campaign
18 January 2021
The Science Council is inviting IBMS members to share their stories of outstanding CPD from 2020 in a new campaign.


Have a glowing CPD record from 2020? 

Despite 2020 being the toughest year yet for our profession, members adapted remarkably to the challenges presented.

The Science Council's new 'glowing CPD' campaign aims to showcase those members who shone with their CPD in 2020, against the odds.

Help us promote how biomedical scientists adapted to undertake amazing CPD throughout the lockdown - submissions for glowing CPD case studies are open now!

Christian Burt, Professional Support Services Manager from the IBMS said:

"The IBMS has been hugely proud of biomedical scientist members throughout the pandemic. As a frontline health group, our Science Council registrants have continued to undertake CPD to a high standard. The annual CPD reviews received have detailed an innovative approach to sudden change and it has been noticeable that Work Based Learning has been a particularly strong area. I support IBMS members showcasing their CPD with the Science Council to encourage the wider scientific community on the value of CPD to their professional lives."


How did you get creative in your approach?

Last year was the year that no one expected – but allowed us to get creative in approaching work and learning. How did you experiment with your CPD? What worked, what didn’t?

How did online and virtual events help you?

Many conferences, courses and opportunities moved online to support social distancing and working from home. What events did you attend that helped you? Did your professional body provide any online resources which aided your learning and development?

Did you job role change during the COVID-19 pandemic? Did this open-up anymore CPD opportunities?

Your role may have changed during the COVID19 pandemic – how so? How did you adapt to and overcome any challenges?

We want to know! Get in touch and share your story today.

Find the application form here. 

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