Thank you letter from Jeane Freeman

Thank you letter from Jeane Freeman
18 January 2021
Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport thanks all working across the COVID-19 testing system in Scotland

The IBMS is pleased to share this letter of thanks from Jeane Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, with our members working across the COVID-19 testing system in Scotland (original letter attached at bottom of page):

Dear colleagues 

I wanted to take this opportunity after the festive period to express my sincere thanks for all your sustained hard work over this past year and beyond.

The last year has seen unprecedented pressures within our health and social care system in which you have continued to work in the most selfless way. I know many of you have, and will continue to make, personal sacrifices, not just over the festive period but over the course of this year. I am heartened to see colleagues continue to serve our most vulnerable with the highest quality of skills and a huge amount of passion. 

I want to specifically thank you for all your work on delivering a testing system of this scale. I am very grateful to all those staff working at testing centres, in particular our drive through centres where dedicated teams of staff are currently working in extreme cold and wintery weather. I would also like to thank our colleagues in our labs who continue to work tirelessly and at pace to deliver results to our communities. 

Your work has been and will continue to be pivotal to our Coronavirus response. 

As we look forward to the year ahead, we can only acknowledge that there will be pressures we will face in the challenges ahead as we continue to handle this pandemic however, I am confident that given the positive changes in behaviours of our local communities, the significant roll out of vaccinations and the dedication of our NHS and social care staff we can continue to serve those affected by Coronavirus.

I feel incredibly privileged to work with you all and I wish to express my sincere thanks for your persistence and dedication to serve the people of Scotland. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved during these unprecedented times. 

Kind regards,

Jeane Freeman
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