Under the microscope - September's #IBMSCompetition

Under the microscope - September's #IBMSCompetition
4 September 2018
This September, we're encouraging members to post their best pictures from #UnderTheMicroscope

This month's #IBMSCompetition is zooming in on aspects of our members' everyday work life that are unlike what most people will ever experience: what they see in their microscopes.

We love that our members have a keen analytical eye and can enjoy the nuances of the slides that they evaluate - and we also love that those slides look so alien and extraordinary for the everyday social media grazer. So, what better way to compete for the infamous "I -heart- Biomedical Science" t-shirt and mug than by encouraging our members to show us the most colourful, peculiar and nuanced slides that they have come across.

The rules of the competition are simple:

  • As many entries per person as you like
  • Use the #IBMSCompetition or #UnderTheMicroscope hashtag on Facebook or Twitter along with your entry, or post in the main threads
  • The competition started 1st September and closes at 12pm on Friday 21st September 
  • Four entries will be chosen for the semi-finals and presented to our members in Facebook polls throughout the week of 21st - 28th September
  • The winner is announced at the end of the month and sent the “I love Biomedical Science” T-Shirt and mug

In just the fourth day, the uptake on this month's competition has been huge and we have had to start a Facebook gallery to keep track of the entries. You can see the weird and wonderful slides by clicking here.



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