You said. We did...Your opinion counts!

You said. We did...Your opinion counts!
26 July 2017
We are proud to announce some recent changes that have been made to our website and communications


Your opinion matters

Following recent member feedback, comments and suggestions we have received, we are proud to announce some changes that have been made to our website and communications.

Website survey

In April this year, we surveyed members to find out their views on our new website. What they liked, disliked as well as how easy they were able to navigate and find the information they needed. Here are a number of the top suggestions that we received and how we have reacted to them. 

You said

We did...

The layout could be improved and the content more user-friendly; it is sometimes hard to find information on the homepage and menu and the site is hard to navigate

We have improved the homepage design with an improved, more legible font, along with clearer designed images that match our corporate colours and brand.

A Popular Resources section on the Homepage makes it easier to find the most read pages. We have added more sections to the menu heading as well as changing the layout allowing for the site to easier to navigate.

There is not enough content for students and graduates of biomedical science degrees

We have created a new Careers website This site will also be used to inform a wider audience of the importance of biomedical science and the role it plays in society. There is information for students, looking to get into biomedical science, as well as information on choosing the right degree.

A Graduates section has information for students who are looking to take the next steps in their careers, with CV and interview information, as well as how to become HCPC registered. There are also resources for careers advisors and teachers, which will be further developed soon.

The website is not very welcoming and does not have much imagery. It is hard to find information on the president and any of the staff who work there.

We have created a President's Welcome page for visitors with an introduction from our president, Ian Sturdgess. As part of our website changes, we have added new images from recent laboratory photoshoots to the menu and homepage.

A meet the team page has been set up for Members to view, containing the IBMS staffing structure and names of the staff who work here. 

Coming soon

In September we will be making some additional improvements to the website.

You said

We're doing...

The JBL answers are no longer available after the tests have been completed making it impossible to consider any reflection on wrong answers. 

The function that allows the answers to be available after users have completed their test will be added again in the upgrades and members will be notified when complete. 

The search function is difficult to use, it brings up far too many pages of information making it difficult to use.

The search function will be upgraded so that users can easily find the content they are searching for including searching on the date of articles and pages and their relevancy. 

The page layouts have a lot of content making it hard to read. Accordian style text boxes will ensure that the pages with most content can be easier to read. We have also moved content across from text heavy pages so that they are on more than one page, this also enables the content to be easier to find in the menu and in searches.
The forums are not being used and members are not informed when someone replies to posts.  The forum will be updated and notifications will be sent when replies have been received to posts. Once ready, we will undertake some additional improvements and increase use of forums amongst members.
Under consideration

There are a number of other ideas that we are considering for the website. One large project being considered will involve improvements to the MyIBMS section of the website. This could also improve login issues, improve updating details, booking Congress and other events, as well as paying for and upgrading membership online. Members will be notified of any outcomes from these investigations. 


Promoting biomedical science

We have received feedback from a number of members regarding the promotion of biomedical science and raising public awareness. Requests have been made through the corporate strategy event, held in June, as well as on social media and through suggestions sent to us by email. 

We are doing...

On 19 July we held our first ever Biomedical Science Day. The aim of the day was to raise public awareness of the importance of biomedical science and the vital role it plays in the world.

We received an overwhelming response to our campaign, with members across the world hosting events to celebrate and promote biomedical science. This included an incredible 165,000 social media accounts seeing our posts, with 600 posters sent out, 300 supporters of our Facebook profile picture campaign and over 250 photos received from members for our photo competition. All this with only 6 weeks of planning! Keep the date in your diary, Biomedical Science Day will occur on every 19 July!  

Keep the date in your diary, Biomedical Science Day will occur on every 19 July, the planning for next year has already started. 

After a number of critical incidents this year in London and Manchester, a few members contacted us to run features highlighting the role that biomedical science staff had played in the events. After extensive research, as well as being mindful of giving those involved time to come to terms with the horrors of the incidents, we have provided a news story on our website and a feature has also been written in August's The Biomedical Scientist. Should other incidents occur we can use the articles as reference for any media enquiries and use them to promote the importance biomedical science has had, that often goes unreported. 

Should other incidents occur we can use the articles as reference for any media enquiries and use them to promote the importance biomedical science has had, that often goes unreported. 

In relation to healthcare policies and consultations, involving biomedical science staff, members have contacted us to ask what the IBMS views are. We have recently begun providing a number of statements outlining the IBMS stance, as well as giving any necessary guidance for our members.  
Our recent statements include: 

You say. We listen

We are always keen to hear our members' thoughts and ideas on ways that we can improve our services for them. We also value their feedback through member surveys, social media responses and emails received. 

Should you have any comments on our work or constructive feedback you would like to provide to us, please contact us at



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