Women in leadership

By celebrating International Women's Day the IBMS aims to raise the profiles of its female members, to highlight the achievements of women in the biomedical workforce and inspire future generations of female scientists. 

65% of IBMS members are women and we want to ensure that their hard work, dedication, professionalism and achievements are recognised here for International Women's Day. 

This year we have focused on women in leadership. We asked six women at different stages in their careers, to discuss how they became a leader in their profession and for any advice they can give aspiring female biomedical scientists to become leaders.

 Please click the images below, to read each members' story

Jill Rodney IWD02 Jo Horne01 Jocelyn Germain03
 Bushra Ahmed02  Alison Geddis IWD02  Michelle Martin01

 IWD 2018