Women in science

Celebrating women in biomedical science for International Women's Day

By celebrating International Women's Day the IBMS aims to raise the profiles of its female members, to highlight the achievements of women in the biomedical workforce and inspire future generations of female scientists. 

64% of IBMS members are women and we want to ensure that their hard work, dedication, professionalism and achievements are recognised here for International Women's Day. 


Blog post

IBMS member Holly works in biochemistry and immunology and is also undertaking the IBMS Specialist Portfolio and an IBMS accredited Masters degree. Holly's blog focusses on what inspired her to work in biomedical science as well as giving advice to future biomedical scientists. 

 Holly Neil 01
Holly Neil

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Book Review

IBMS member Valerie first joined the IBMS in 1967 as an Associate and later became a Fellow of the IBMS and a Chartered Scientist in 2005. She has just finished writing her first book which will be published later this year. Valerie discusses her career in biomedical science, sharing an insight into what her first book entails as well as offering sound advice to women to help further their careers in biomedical science and healthcare.

 Valerie Bevan01
Valerie Bevan

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Case studies

Our female members discuss what inspired them to work in biomedical science, how being an IBMS member has helped their careers and what messages they would share to inspire other women into the profession. 

Margaret Smith 02  Julie Ann Gibson01  Olivia Coffi 01
Margaret Smith

Julie-Ann Gibson

Olivia Coffi

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10 Questions

We ask our female members 10 questions about their careers in biomedical science, how they overcame any challenges and to offer any advice to help women become biomedical professionals. 

 Victoria Bradley 01  Louise Ann Thaci 01  Caroline Parkes 01
Victoria Bradley

Louise Ann Thaci

Caroline Parkes

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Siobhan Ashe02  Sue Alexander 01  Sandra Phinbow05
Siobhan Ashe

Sue Alexander

Sandra Phinbow

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 Una Gibbons1  Kirstie Rice 01  
Una Gibbons

Kirstie Rice  
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