Certificate of Expert Practice

Advance your career with an IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice

Specialist areas of practice

IBMS Certificates of Expert Practice enable biomedical scientists with two years post registration experience looking to specialise in medical microbiology or flow cytometry to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and competence in these areas.

The IBMS Certificates of Expert Practice are postgraduate professional vocational qualifications assessed by a portfolio of experiential learning and a written examination.

Further information

Who can apply for a Certificate of Expert Practice

To apply for an IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice you must:


About the Certificate of Expert Practice

Update (September 2021)

The IBMS Certificates of Expert Practice in Medical Microbiology has been withdrawn.  Work is currently taking place on the development of a new Diploma of Expert Practice qualification that will replace this CEP. The study guide below is provided for reference.

IBMS Certificate of Expert Medical Microbiology Study Guide

Update (May 2021) The Certificate of Expert Practice (CEP) in Flow Cytometry has been withdrawn pending of the review of its content. The Study Guide below is for reference only.

Certificate of Expert Practice course fees

It costs £265 to undertake an IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice.  

Please submit to the IBMS Examinations Team:

Fees can be paid by: 

  • cheque made payable to "IBMS"
  • credit or debit card payment by phone on +44 (0)207 731 0214 ext 142 or 
  • purchase order from your hospital Trust

How to apply for the Certificate of Expert Practice

Both the flow cytometry and medical microbiology Certificates of Expert Practice are currently under review. 

Please contact the IBMS Examinations Team before applying for either qualification.

Once you have contacted the IBMS Examinations Team, please submit:

You can also submit a copy of your application and payment by post to Examinations, IBMS, 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL.

Certificate of Expert Practice resources

Guidance on Recognising and Avoiding Plagiarism

You can find articles and online resources to support you in completing an IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice in our Resources section

Certificate of Expert Practice deferrals, withdrawals and mitigating circumstances

If you wish to defer, withdraw or highlight any mitigating circumstances please contact as soon as possible.


For further information about the IBMS Certificates of Expert Practice please contact