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The IBMS accredits degree programmes and awards the Certificate of Competence to support HCPC registration 

IBMS degree accreditation ensures that a degree course covers the academic components of the standards of proficiency at the required level to meet the Health and Care Profession Council (HCPC) standards of proficiency for biomedical scientists and that students receive a wide-ranging, research informed scientific education and develop practical skills and experience that employers value. 

The IBMS Registration Training Portfolio and Certificate of Competence enables candidates to demonstrate that they meet HCPC standards of proficiency and apply for HCPC registration as a biomedical scientist.

Applying for IBMS degree accreditation

Before submitting an application for IBMS accreditation for your degree programme please read the following documents:

How to apply for IBMS accreditation (undergraduate degree programme)

How to apply for IBMS accreditation (postgraduate degree programme)

If you have any questions or would like to apply for IBMS accreditation for your biomedical science degree programme please contact

IBMS Degree Accreditation Programmes

IBMS accredited degree programmes are assessed by professional and academic experts to ensure high standards of teaching, facilities and course content. 

IBMS Accreditation provides recognition of the achievement of quality standards for delivering BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science programmes which conform to the QAA subject benchmark statement for biomedical science and meet HCPC academic requirements for registration as a biomedical scientist.  

To achieve IBMS accreditation a biomedical science degree programme must be:

  • relevant to current professional practice
  • informed by the latest advances research, and
  • anticipate future developments in the scientific field 

There are a number of benefits for universities and departments that choose to get their biomedical science degree programme IBMS accredited including: 

  • supporting the development of appropriate education and training with IBMS expertise
  • recognising the achievement of a benchmark standard of education
  • facilitates peer recognition of education and best practice and the dissemination of information through education and employer networks.

Changes to an IBMS accredited degree

The Institute must be informed of changes to an accredited degree programme.    Proposed changes must ensure that the programme continues to meet the relevant  IBMS accreditation criteria and be approved by the Institute following submission of relevant documentation. 

In advance of any changes that you propose to your accredited programme(s), please complete the IBMS Accredited Degree Change Notification Form and return to This form can be used for both undergraduate and post-graduate accredited programmes.  

IBMS Certificate of Competence

The IBMS Registration Training Portfolio is a record of evidence showing that candidates have achieved the competencies and standards outlined in the Registration Training Portfolio and meet the HCPC standards of proficiency.

Individual standards have been grouped into modules that relate to areas of practice under two sectional headings.

  • Professional Conduct is core to the principles of fitness to practice and is defined by standards that relate to professional roles and conduct
  • Professional Skills and Standards is core to the principle of applicants being able to show they have the skills required to practice as biomedical scientist

Candidates who successfully complete an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio will be awarded an IBMS Certificate of Competence and be eligible to apply for registration with the HCPC as a biomedical scientist.   


Ordering an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio

IBMS Integrated degree

A university with an IBMS accredited Integrated degree can request digital copies of the Registration portfolio from and arrange their own printing of the portfolios. Physical copies of the portfolio can be purchased for £30.

  • Please complete and submit this spreadsheet to the IBMS as soon as students are sent on placement. This will allow the Education team to register the students and aid the prompt delivery of certificates at the end of the process.
IBMS Sandwich degree

The IBMS accredited laboratory where a student undertakes their placement is responsible for ordering an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio for the student.

The laboratory manager or training officer will need to send to

  • a completed IBMS Registration Training Portfolio Order Form 
  • payment of £125
  • a copy of the candidate's birth certificate or personal details page of their passport
  • confirmation of the student's enrollment on an IBMS accredited degree course

They can also post application forms and payment to Registration, IBMS, 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL

IBMS Registration Training Portfolio Order Form 

Completing an IBMS Registration Portfolio

IBMS Integrated degree

For students on an Integrated degree, the training laboratory’s training officer should sign off standards met through course assignments.

Portfolio verification should be arranged by the university with one of their trained portfolio verifiers.

Following verification of students' portfolios, Integrated degree course tutors should send a pass list of students to

Once the IBMS Registration Team has notified the HCPC, students will be able to contact the HCPC to apply for registration as a biomedical scientist.  

IBMS Sandwich degree

For students on a Sandwich degree, laboratory training officer should sign off standards met through course assignments.

Portfolio verification should be arranged by the laboratory training officer.  

To request a portfolio verification the laboratory training officer should complete and submit an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio Verification Request Form to

Once the IBMS Registration Team has received:

  • the registration portfolio verifier's report (to be completed and sent by the IBMS verifier), and 
  • the Registration Training Portfolio Verification Laboratory Feedback Form (to be completed and sent by the laboratory manager or training officer)

students should send to  

  • a copy of their degree certificate
  • a cover letter

or IBMS Registration Team, IBMS, 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL. The Registration Team will send the student an IBMS Certificate of Competence and they will be able to contact the HCPC to apply for registration as a biomedical scientist.  

IBMS Registration Training Portfolio Guidance (Candidates and Training Officers)

Mapping of HCPC Standards of Proficiency


IBMS Training Registration Reference copies

IBMS Registration Training Portfolio 4th Edition Reference Copy

IBMS Registration Training Portfolio 3rd Edition Reference Copy


For further information on IBMS degree accreditation, Registration Training Portfolio or Certificate of Competence please contact