eStudent Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about IBMS eStudent membership, joining, renewing your membership and what happens when you graduate 


Who can join?

To be eligible for eStudent membership you must be studying a biomedical science related subject. Students are also eligible to join as an eStudent if they are on a placement, studying part-time or taking top-up modules.

Already a member of the IBMS? 

Unfortunately, if you are already a member of the IBMS (Associate, Licentiate, Member, Fellow) you cannot join the IBMS as an eStudent. 

When does my eStudent membership start and finish?

IBMS eStudent membership is a yearly membership running from January to December each year.

Discounted membership offer

As the academic year begins in September we open joining to new eStudent members in September and often run discounted membership from September through to December of the following year. For example, joiners in September-December 2019 will be eStudent members until December 2020 when they will be asked to renew. 


How do I renew my eStudent membership?   

IBMS membership runs from January to December each year and you will be sent an email reminding you to renew your eStudent membership in December. If you do not renew your eStudent membership by April your membership will be cancelled.

You can join at any point during the year but your membership will always need to be renewed in December of that year, unless you joined during the discounted membership offer, see above.

To renew your eStudent membership visit your MyIBMS page.

What happens when I graduate?

When you complete your degree you can upgrade your IBMS membership 

Find out how to upgrade your IBMS membership.

Further questions?

Please contact our Membership Team should you have any further questions.