Membership fees

 IBMS Membership fees for 2017 

Membership Grade   Standard Yearly Membership fees  Membership fees for Annual Direct Debit payers *

Monthly Direct Debit Instalments (Jan-Oct) 

One off registration fee for new joiners 

Fellow £169 £164 £16.90 £20
Member £138 £133 £13.80 £20
Licentiate  £ 98 £ 93  £ 9.80 £20
Associate £ 54 £ 49  £ 5.40 N/A
eStudent £ 10 N/A   N/A N/A 
Retired £ 38 £ 33 N/A N/A










*Discounted rates only apply to annual Direct Debit payers.

If you pay your fees by annual direct debit before 31st January of each year you will receive a £5 discount on your subscription fees. The annual membership year runs from January to December. 

How to pay your IBMS Membership Fees 

You can pay your IBMS membership fees by:

  • Annual direct debit 
  • Monthly direct debit
  • Credit or debit card payment
  • Cheque or postal order

Please tick the payment method of your choice on the IBMS Membership Application Form.

Direct Debit
To pay by Direct Debit you will need to complete the Direct Debit mandate section of your application form.

Credit or debit card 
To pay by credit or debit card you can:

  • fill in your card details on your application form
  • call the IBMS Membership Team to make a card payment over the phone on + 44 (0)20 7713 0214 ext 111 or 112

If you choose to pay by cheque or postal order please make your cheque or postal order payable to ‘Institute of Biomedical Science’ or ‘IBMS’.

How to pay your IBMS Registration Fee

A one off registration fee is payable when you join us for the first time, or if you rejoin us after your membership has lapsed. 

Please include the £20 registration fee with your initial membership fee payment.

For example, if you are applying for Licentiate membership you could send a cheque or make a credit or debit card payment for £118 (£98 Licentiate subscription fee+£20 registration fee) rather than including two separate payments with your application form

Paying by Direct Debit
Initial registration fees can be added to your direct debit. 


Science Council Professional Registration Fees  

Chartered Scientist (CSci)
If you are registered as a Chartered Scientist (CSci) you will need to pay an additional £46 with your IBMS membership fee. 

Registered Scientist (RSci)
If you are registered as a Registered Scientist (RSci) you will need to pay an additional £21 with your IBMS membership fee.

Registered Science Technician (RSci Tech)
If you are registered as a Registered Science Technician (RSci Tech) you will need to pay an additional £16 with your IBMS membership fee. 

Find out how to apply for professional registration with the Science Council when you join the IBMS


If you join part way through the year* 

If you join part way through a membership year (Jan-Dec) you'll choose which quarter you would like your membership to begin from and pay the appropriate fees for that quarter plus the £20 registration fee.

Membership Grade   Membership fees from April Membership fees from July 

Membership fees from October

Registration Fee

Fellow £126.75 £ 84.50 £ 42.25 £20
Member £103.50 £ 69.00 £ 34.50 £20
Licentiate  £ 73.50 £ 49.00  £ 24.50 £20
Associate £ 40.50 £ 27.00  £ 13.50 N/A
eStudent £ 10 £ 10 £ 10 N/A
Retired £ 28.50 £ 19.00 £  9.50 N/A

 *Please note that if you apply to rejoin in the same year that your membership lapsed, the full year's membership fee will apply.


Further questions?

For more information on joining the IBMS and how to pay your membership and other fees please visit our FAQs page or you can contact our Membership Team on + 44 (0)20 7713 0214 or email