Public engagement

Inspire and raise awareness of the importance of biomedical science

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Public engagement is a rewarding way for our members to inspire the next generation of biomedical scientists and to promote the profession to the public. 

Over the years our members have taken part in activities ranging from inspiring students about careers in biomedical science to an attempt to break a world record. Getting involved in public engagement activities will develop your teamwork organisational, communication, problem-solving and leadership skills.

Get involved!

If you are interested in getting involved with public engagement activities in your local area please:

You will be able to join our Public Engagement Group and receive updates on public engagement opportunities in your local area. 

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10 ways to make public engagement work for you


Free promotional items for members

Members can order a range of promotional items and guidance materials via our member's public engagement page (please login to access) 


Free resources to download for non-members

To help promote biomedical science, we have produced a number of electronic materials that are available for download for non-members to use