An exciting new chapter in pre-registration training for biomedical scientists


Introducing OneFile - the new home for IBMS Registration Training Portfolios

The IBMS Registration Training Portfolio (Version 5.0) is aligned to the updated HCPC Standards of Proficiency (SoPs) for biomedical scientists.

If you apply for the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio, Version 5.0 will be issued and completed using OneFile, the ePortfolio platform. To support training for the new portfolio we have been organising training sessions for candidates, training officers, verifiers and other colleagues. We have also been creating guidance resources as part of the formal launch.

Working together with positivity and open communication, completion and administration of the new Registration Training Portfolio will be more effective and efficient than ever before.

If there‚Äôs anything you need us to support you with, reach out and ask:

OneFile user guides

Our guides are a step-by-step guide to logging-in and setting-up OneFile accounts, and to help candidates and trainers upload and assess their first pieces of evidence:

OneFile Trainer User Guide>>>

OneFile Candidate User Guide>>>


Each module of the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio (Version 5.0) will retain a total of 3 pieces of evidence. It is expected that across the 3 pieces of evidence, all HCPC SoPs assigned to the module will be demonstrated, and each piece of evidence will be clearly mapped to specific SoPs.

Evidence 2 and 3 will be a free choice for candidates and their training officer, which should ensure flexibility, creativity and new ideas for evidence to be incorporated. 

Mapping document 

Our easy-to-use Registration Training Portfolio V5 mapping poster shows where the updated HCPC SoPs will be in the Sections and Modules of the updated portfolio.

The stipulation of one piece of mandatory evidence for each module of the portfolio, follows consultation with the Registration Training Portfolio working group, trainers and training managers, plus placement tutors and programme leads for IBMS Accredited programmes across the UK.

Each mandatory piece of evidence has been designed to demonstrate the HCPC SoPs indicated in the summary table. The mandatory pieces of evidence should cover the indicated HCPC SoPs as a minimum. However, additional SoPs may also be demonstrated, depending on laboratory context.

By introducing the mandatory pieces of evidence, we are providing a scaffold for training plans and to improve consistency in demonstrating proficiency against the updated HCPC standards at the point of registration.

Examples of evidence types, resources and further support will be provided by the IBMS, starting with the formal launch of the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio (Version 5.0) at Congress 2023.


We have created a series of short explainer videos to support you using OneFile. View them here>>