Biomedical Science Day 2019

Join us on 20th June for the world's biggest biomedical science celebration!

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Biomedical Science Day is an awareness day organised by the Institute of Biomedical Science, the professional body for biomedical scientists and laboratory support staff. The annual event aims to inform the public and empower patients by telling them about practices in biomedical science and celebrating a profession that is at the heart of healthcare. 

In its third year, Biomedical Science Day has gained significant popularity amongst biomedical laboratory staff across the UK, with hundreds of laboratories opening their doors or organising events in their local hospital.

This 20th June we are encouraging all biomedical science staff to promote the vital role they play in healthcare and to showcase their work to patients, hospital staff and the public. 

As the professional body for biomedical science in the UK, we have produced information and resources to help our members plan their Biomedical Science Day events. Ideally, we would like all events to be held on 20th June but if you are not able to please try to plan for as near the date as possible.