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Ask your local politicians to support Biomedical Science Day 2021

Writing to your local Minister of Parliament (MP), Welsh Assembly Member (WAM) or Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) will help to inform them about biomedical science and the vital role it has at the heart of healthcare.

Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Find your local MP using the postcode search above and enter your home address postcode
    2. Scroll down to find your local MP’s e-mail address
    3. Copy and paste the email content below 
    4. Send the e-mail to your MP, ensure you confirm your email address to send. 
Email content



I live in your constituency at (INSERT YOUR ADDRESS) and I work in biomedical science, based in a hospital laboratory.

In the UK, biomedical scientists and laboratory staff play a key role in delivering high-quality pathology services that are the backbone of the NHS – screening for, reporting on and monitoring all diseases and viruses (including COVID-19). Healthcare laboratories are involved in over 70% of diagnoses in the NHS and handle more than a billion samples every year.

I am passionate about raising awareness of the vital role of our laboratory workforce and hope to gain your support this Biomedical Science Day (24th June 2021) to promote the work and expertise of laboratory staff across the UK.

You can show your support on your website or through social media by sharing the following message:

  • Today is #BiomedicalScienceDay2021 – so let’s say a big THANK YOU to the Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists and laboratory staff #BehindEveryTest who work #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare

If you require, my professional body, the Institute of Biomedical Science, also has positive and engaging images for you if you contact them briefly at

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,