Planning your event

PLan your event
There are lots of ways for you to celebrate Biomedical Science Day and to help us promote biomedical science

We've put together a few ideas to help you consider and plan events that open the doors to your laboratory and to celebrate and promote your work on Biomedical Science Day.


Harvey's Gang - Taking young patients on a tour of the labHarveys Gang small

Harvey's Gang is a children's charity that is having an amazing effect on young patients and laboratory staff. It was set up after Harvey, a young patient at Worthing Hospital had asked to find out what was happening to his blood samples. Chief Biomedical Scientist Malcolm Robinson organised for Harvey to undertake a tour of his laboratory and was amazed at the reaction from Harvey.

There are currently Harvey's Gang tours taking place in over 40 hospital laboratories across the UK, with many more planned for this year. To celebrate NHS70 Harvey's Gang is aiming for at least 70 hospitals to take part in the initiative this year. 

Harvey's Gang information packs, goody bags and IBMS sponsored lab coats are free to apply for.

If you would like to join Harvey's Gang, or for more information, please complete the online form


Invite the public into your lab

Inviting your MP, senior hospital management, or local people of prominence will give you the perfect opportunity to show them your work and highlight the importance of biomedical science in healthcare.

To help, we've created an invite letter template for you to use as well as a press release template to attract media attention. Your hospital's communications team will be able to help you contact the local press, make sure to ask them. 

Hospital display


Create an eye-catching hospital display

Displays are a great way to showcase the vital work of biomedical science from outside of the laboratory. Work with your colleagues and encourage them to get involved, you could man the stand and answer questions from the public and staff, and/or leave information for people to take and read.

Talk to your hospital communications team about setting up a display in a prominent area of the hospital. Think about where your display is most likely to be seen, entrances or near the restaurant and shops get lots of visitors passing by.

Outside the workplace, consider taking a display to a local public space such as at a school or college careers fair, or in your local library or shopping mall.

Members can order free promotional items from us, whilst non-members can download electronic versions of our leaflet and posters

Engage with the local community

Inviting a local school or college to visit the hospital is a great way to highlight your role to students. If you are unable to host it at work, you could arrange to visit a local school to give a presentation or, to really wow students, put on a scientific activity or experiment.


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Let us know how you plan to celebrate Biomedical Science Day and we'll help you promote your event.