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Use social media accounts and help us spread the word about Biomedical Science Day 2022

Biomedical science is “at the heart of healthcare” and we want everyone to know. On 9 June you can unite with other biomedical science professionals by using the hashtags:

 #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare or #BiomedicalScienceDay2022 

This will help us to promote your work and spread the word about biomedical science. 


You will have received a poster with April's The Biomedical Scientist but you can download it and others by clicking below. 

BMS Day 2022a300a

BMS Day 2022 b2

BMS Day 2022 c2


This roller banner design will draw the eye and light up your stands!




As part of our Biomedical Science Day Competitions we have placards you can download and print to fill out and use in your photos - telling the public what you do and how many samples your laboratory processes.




Be proud of your profession and let the world know your role in healthcare by adding one of our role-specific Twibbons to your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. Just click the image you want to add from the options below:



















Superlab Comic - now two issues! 












This stand banner design
 is the perfect overhead or table-front accompaniment to any Biomedical Science Day stand! 
























bmstwibbonmls twibbon

AP twibbonCS twibbon





Our comic for children at Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds) features all sorts of fun activities - each one designed to inform young people about the science at the heart of healthcare. Click to download:



superlab cover click


Download cards (Issue #1)

If you have made the 'Test the Sample' game,  just click the images below to download the Sample Cards and Mystery Cards!




Share our "COVID-19: behind every test" animation to inform the public about the role of Biomedical Scientists in COVID-19 testing: 

How many times has biomedical science supported your healthcare?

A brief introduction into biomedical science and its role in a person’s healthcare, our video can be viewed online, downloaded or embedded.

Do you know what happens to your sample? Watch and share our sample journey videos below.

Do you know what happens to your urine sample?

Do you know what happens to your tissue sample?

Do you you know what happens to your blood sample?

A short introductory video for children about how biomedical science is at the heart of everybody's healthcare

Fun Activities

By collaborating with our members, we have designed these fun activity sheets. While public engagement stands and events might be off the cards, the activities are still great for teaching children at home. We would love to see some videos and photos of people using these to inform their children about biomedical science.

 mc  centfor  
 blooc  uvha  
 urinal  bgr  
 cswa  dnagr  
 dnabea  pep2  


Use our free to download resources to help you plan and promote your Biomedical Science Day events and messages


BMS Day 2022 logo 1

Download our Biomedical Science Day 2022 logo to use in any publications or artwork you create for your event. For other logo file sizes and formats please contact


Download and use our What is Biomedical Science? PowerPoint presentation with information about biomedical science, studying it at university and careers.

Career profiles

For a range of information and resources that explain what biomedical science is and its different laboratory disciplines, visit our dedicated careers website. You’ll also find information on accredited biomedical science degree courses and careers. Visit our Careers site:


Try getting the media's attention with our easy to use press release template!

Press release template for labs

Looking for facts for your display? Try these ones on for size!

Biomedical Science facts and information