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Biomedical Science Day 2018 logo

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Download and use our What is Biomedical Science? PowerPoint presentation with information about biomedical science, studying it at university and careers.



How many times has biomedical science supported your healthcare?

A brief introduction into biomedical science and its role in a person’s healthcare, our video can be viewed online, downloaded or embedded.



We’ve collated activities that our members have created and used to promote biomedical science and enthuse students of all years. They each contain equipment lists you will need as well as information on how to perform each activity. 




Blood cross matching


Blood transfusion 


Examining cells 


UV handwashing


Display activity


Career profiles

For a range of information and resources that explain what biomedical science is and its different laboratory disciplines, visit our dedicated careers website. You’ll also find information on accredited biomedical science degree courses and careers. Visit our Careers site:


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Biomedical science - at the heart of your healthcare

How does biomedical science support your healthcare?



Invite letter to MP or local person of prominence

Press release template

Biomedical Science facts and information