What is Biomedical Science Day?

what is BMS Day
19th July is the birthday of Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) founder Albert Norman (1882 – 1964)

On 19th July we are encouraging biomedical science staff to promote the vital role they play in healthcare and to showcase their work to patients and the public. We want laboratory staff to celebrate their work in biomedical science, spanning across all disciplines, to help explain what they do and the impact their work has on patients’ healthcare. 

As the professional body for biomedical science, the IBMS are producing resources to help you plan your Biomedical Science Day events.  Ideally, we would like all events to be held on 19th July but if you are not able to please try to plan for as near the date as possible.

We're currently producing resources and information to help you celebrate Biomedical Science Day and promote your event to as wide an audience as possible, inviting members of the public, local media and prominent guests to attend.