Advanced qualifications

IBMS Advanced Specialist Diploma demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge and skill

IBMS Advanced Specialist Diplomas consolidate the highest levels of knowledge and expertise and demonstrate expertise within a discipline, build upon the IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma (HSD) and link to professional doctorates.

Science, technology and best practice are constantly evolving and IBMS Advanced Specialist Diplomas enable you to update your skills and knowledge. 


Who can apply?

If you are a Fellow of the IBMS, and where appropriate you have the pre-requisite qualification, you can undertake an IBMS Advanced Specialist Diploma.

If you are a Member of the IBMS and you have completed the IBMS Diploma of Expert Practice in Histological Dissection you can undertake the Advanced Specialist Diploma in Specimen Dissection. Holders of this qualification will also be eligible to undertake the RCPath/IBMS Advanced Specialist Diploma (ASD) in Histopathology Reporting. The Histopathology Reporting qualification has an interview as part of the application process.

If you are a Member of the IBMS and have completed the IBMS Diploma of Expert Practice in Non-Gynaecological Cytology you can undertake the Advanced Specialist Diploma in Non-Gynaecological Cytology.


About the qualification

IBMS Advanced Specialist Diplomas are available in:


Qualification structure 

IBMS Advanced Specialist Diplomas consist of two parts:

Part one

Construction, submission and assessment of a portfolio. 

This must be successfully passed before entry into part two.

Part two

Multi-component assessment that is detailed in the discipline-specific guidance to candidates.