RSci Case Study

"As a Registered Scientist, I ensure I maintain the highest standards of professional practice and act in the best interests of patients, the service and other professionals."

Nana-Jane ChipampNana-Jane Chipampe e works as a Prostate Cancer Researcher at Newcastle University. Here she explains what it means to her to be a Registered Scientist RSci through the IBMS. 

What originally interested you in professional registration?

Joining an academic environment at Newcastle University, I realised that although I was registered by the HCPC and the IBMS, within my new role as a researcher there were other professional bodies I could join to further develop my skills.

In order to provide my new job with accredited theory and professionalism, I felt it was important to be part of the Science Council as I was still publicly recognised within this new scientific role. This increased my confidence where I added to my existing scientific skillset. 

How does it feel to be part of a wider community of scientists in the UK and beyond?

I feel like I have a strong community of scientists to engage with in the UK thanks to the professional bodies I am part of. Also, it feels great to be part of a diverse network of scientists that all interact yet work within various scientific fields and institutions. Links abroad are strong with international collaborations between research groups, peer reviews through discussion and debate in journal clubs and at conferences.

In future, I would hope to further develop my international collaborative opportunities and these links consolidated to work for the benefit of clinical translational science as a discipline. 

How has professional registration helped you plan your own personal development and goals?  

I understand the importance of working in an environment where I contribute to patient focused healthcare and professional registration has allowed me to continually expand my knowledge, skillset and techniques. I have experience working in both Microbiology and Histopathology departments of NHS laboratories, Tissue Culture laboratory at Leica Biosystems and within academic institutes. Belonging to a professional body has given me the confidence to increase my skillset within various disciplines as there is a collective group and wider community of scientists to support me and I am continually developing my areas of expertise.

CPD has also encouraged me to maintain, improve and extend my knowledge and experience. I adhere to the HCPC’s requirements to maintain my registration by demonstrating that my CPD activities are relevant to current and future practice and contribute to the quality of patient services. 

How has registration helped the services users, especially patients, of your profession?

As a Registered Scientist, I ensure I maintain the highest standards of professional practice and act in the best interests of patients, the service and other professionals. Patients and service users’ confidentiality is always respected and professional integrity, standards and laws are in the best interest of patients at all times.


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