Rapid Onsite Evaluation

The Rapid Onsite Evaluation (ROSE) module is available to candidates who have completed a Specialist Diploma qualification and are currently working in a ROSE clinic.

ROSE who can apply

Applicants for this module must, as a minimum requirement, hold the IBMS membership class of Member and be working in a laboratory with IBMS approval for post-registration training.It is not available to IBMS Associate or Licentiate members or individuals undertaking pre-registration training.  

The ROSE module will be examined in the candidate's clinic environment and will employ the use of external examiners to assess the candidate's portfolio, knowledge and understanding.

Please note
Candidates completing the ROSE module are asked to refer to the full candidate guidance on completion of Specialist Portfolios. This contains specific instructions on portfolio compilation and selection of evidence.


ROSE module fees and how to apply

It costs £137 to undertake an IBMS Specialist Diploma.  

Please submit to the IBMS Specialist Team your:

Candidates who are already qualified and experienced at or above the specialist level are eligible to take this module in a standalone capacity and must complete the specialist application form. The ROSE module is issued on receipt of payment and acceptance of the application by the IBMS.

The fee is inclusive of the end-point assessment. Please note that the fee does not cover the cost of candidate travelling expenses for the end-point assessment, for which the candidate or candidate’s employer is responsible


ROSE end point assessment

The candidate is required to maintain their corporate membership of the IBMS for the duration of the qualification in order for their specialist portfolio to be examined.

To request an examination the laboratory manager or training officer should complete and submit an Application for Examination of Specialist Portfolio to

We will endeavour to allocate an examiner within two months from receiving your examination application form.

The candidate will be allocated an IBMS examiner who will contact the laboratory training officer to arrange a date for the portfolio examination.