IBMSpod Episode 7 - with Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen & Zoe Andrews

In May's IBMSpod, public health and infectious disease expert at Oxford University Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen joins us from a quarantine hotel to discuss the use of facemasks as lockdown lifts. 

The episode examines how facemasks and other infection control measures have taken off across the world and consider how their usage will continue as the UK exits lockdown. In LabLife, we hear from Guernsey-based Healthcare Assistant Zoe Andrews to find out how people have adjusted since restrictions were removed in March. She also explains the challenges of setting up Guernsey's only Covid-testing lab and establishing Harvey's gang on the island.

IBMSPOD · Episode 7 - Facemasks & lockdown lifting with Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen & Zoe Andrews


IBMSpod Episode 6 - with Ian Davies & Salford Students 

In April's edition of IBMSpod, we catch up with senior lecturer at Staffordshire University Ian Davies to ask how the pandemic has affected the next generation of Biomedical Scientists.

As the pandemic took hold last spring, Ian and his team faced the challenges of supporting 70 apprentice students in clinical placements and assisting with the diagnostic response. In the midst of this, Ian also fully adapted the Biomedical Science course to ensure learning and practical classes could still take place - adopting a 'blended learning' style that combines both remote learning with essential face-to-face laboratory classes. 

IBMS eStudents Caitlin Owen and Nadia Patel are the co-editors of a new Biomedicine magazine created by students at the University of Salford during the lockdown in November. 

IBMSPOD · Episode 6 - Education in the Pandemic with Ian Davies & Salford Students


IBMSpod Episode 5 - with Dr Joanne Horne and Cherie Beckett 

In March's edition of IBMS POD, we ask how can biomedical scientists manage worry, anxiety and stress and boost mental wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic?

Dr Jo Horne is a consultant Biomedical Scientist in Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Histopathology at University Hospital Southampton Trust. She has been helping colleagues cope with the pressures that the pandemic has put on their mental health. Jo discusses the issues biomedical scientists have faced during COVID-19, her role alongside her main work as a ‘safe space practitioner' delivering psychological first aid and if the increased emphasis on supporting mental wellbeing during Covid-19 will lead to permanent change post-pandemic? Jo also chats about her scientific work, talking us through the dissection and reporting process in Histopathology and answers a question about encouraging women into STEM in light of International Women’s Day on the 8th March and faces our quick-fire round.

In LabLife, we catch up with Cherie Beckett, Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology. She chats to us about her work outside the lab hosting the IBMS Twitter chat and volunteering to show a child suffering from leukaemia around her laboratory for the charity Harvey’s Gang.

IBMSPOD · Episode 5 - Wellbeing, histopathology and microbiology with Dr Jo Horne & Cherie Beckett


IBMSpod Episode 4 - with Nigel Brown & Jayanta Brahma

In February’s edition of IBMS POD, we delve into the fascinating specialism of Toxicology.

Nigel Brown is a consultant clinical toxicologist whose career spans four decades. He gives us an insight into his role, which has a broad remit - including undertaking routine drug screening to confirm a doctors’ hypothesis about what a patient might have ingested; monitoring alcohol poisoning, where urgent action is required to prevent death from anti-freeze consumption and assisting coroners with post-mortems. He also works closely with the police and social services in cases where people are arrested or tragically, where children need to be taken into care.

In this month’s LabLife, Plymouth-based Biomedical Scientist and Triathlete Jayanta Brahma opens-up about how the tragic loss of his best friend motivated him to undertake record-breaking health & fitness challenges - raising hundreds for the Brain Tumour Charity, MIND & Sarcoma UK in the process. He’s rock-climbed the height of Olympus Mons on Mars - the solar’s systems tallest mountain and completed the Iron Man Triathlon – a mammoth 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride and 26.22-mile run.

Also features IBMS News- a round-up of all the latest headlines from the IBMS.

IBMSPOD · Episode 4 - Toxicology and mental health with Nigel Brown & Jayanta Brahma


IBMSpod Episode 3 - with Debra Padgett and Kip Heath

In the next outing of IBMS POD, we caught up with Debra Padgett – the IBMS’s new president-elect and infection sciences operational manager in North Cumbria. In the midst of a winter lockdown where a new, highly transmissible COVID-19 variant is challenging Biomedical Scientists more than ever, Debra sets out her aims and priorities for the year ahead as well how her team have adapted to maintain diagnostic services for patients. She also tells us all about her career journey to date and how she progressed to a senior level in the profession.

In LabLife, Great Ormond Street Biomedical Scientist and Science comedian Kip Heath chats to Jordan about her stand-up shows, as well her experience volunteering in Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic. She also explains how her upcoming PhD project will help to fight Sepsis and combat AMR. 

IBMSPOD · IBMSPOD Episode 3 - with President-elect Debra Padgett & Kip Heath


IBMSpod Episode 2 - with Dr Sarah Pitt and Umar Siddiqui

In the second instalment of IBMSpod, leading virologist and fellow Dr Sarah Pitt talk to Rob & Jordan about her experience appearing in the media spotlight throughout the pandemic. Later, she discusses the innovative science behind the new COVID-19 vaccines.

In Lablife, Helen is joined by Gogglebox TV Star and Senior Biomedical Scientist Umar Siddiqui.

IBMSpod · IBMSpod Episode 2 - with Dr Sarah Pitt & Umar Siddiqui


IBMSpod Episode 1  - with Dr Guy Orchard and Emma Victory

In Episode 1 of the all-new IBMSpod Rob and Jordan chat to AH Biomedical Scientist of the Year Dr Guy Orchard. In a wide-ranging conversation, Guy discussed how a trip to the local delicatessen inspired him to develop two new pathology products patented for clinical use. 

IBMScience · IBMSPOD Episode 1  - with Dr Guy Orchard and Emma Victory