Annual Report

'Supporting our members through testing times' highlights how the profession was at the heart of the UK's pandemic response and rose to the added challenge of testing for COVID-19

The IBMS has published our Annual Report 2020. Reflecting on one of the most challenging years the profession has faced, the report focuses on how we supported our members, used media and political channels to highlight their concerns and raised awareness of biomedical science.

Supporting our members through testing times - highlights how the IBMS puts members at the centre of our work. Using our membership value proposition, the report shows how we supported, progressed and promoted the profession last year. It outlines our extensive COVID-19 resources and guidance put together to support members during the pandemic, whilst progressing the profession by moving services online and creating CPD resources and how, through our press releases and statements, we gained media and political attention to promote biomedical science.

Other highlights include: 

    • A look back at Chief Executive Jill Rodney’s ten years at the IBMS
    • Introduction of our Support Hub and an eLearning platform
    • Celebrating the diversity of our members
    • Our national media coverage
    • Showcasing our members’ work #BehindEveryTest


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