Upgrade your IBMS membership today - please email

We have a number of membership grades, each with a range of benefits tailored to support you at every stage of your career.

Upgrade your IBMS membership to benefit from enhanced services, greater opportunities for involvement and access to additional IBMS qualifications.




If you hold a UK BSc Hons degree in a subject related to biomedical science you can now upgrade to become a Licentiate of the IBMS. Please send a copy of your degree certificate to with a copy of your degree certificate.

If you did not graduate with a UK BSc (Hons) in a subject related to biomedical science but have a minimum of one year's professional experience and are currently working at the level of a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered biomedical scientist, you will need to provide a supporting statement from your laboratory manager confirming that your professional experience equates to that of an honours graduate along with a copy of your degree certificate. Please send both documents to



Graduates may upgrade to Member status with:

  • an IBMS Specialist qualification
  • an equivalent level vocational qualification, such as the STP, BBTS Specialist Certificate, or BSHI diploma
  • a completed Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM) logbook or the old IBMS discipline specific logbook
  • an M-Level academic qualification (in a subject relevant to biomedical science) with two years’ professional experience (please provide copy of up to date CV)



Fellow status is appropriate for members who have:

  • an IBMS Higher or Advanced qualification like the IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma or Diploma of Higher Specialist Practice
  • an equivalent level vocational qualification, such as the HSST
  • a D-Level academic qualification (in a subject relevant to biomedical science) with five years’ relevant professional experience (please provide copy of up to date CV)


Overseas graduates

If you would like to upgrade your IBMS membership with a qualification attained outside the UK, you will need to contact UK ENIC to have your qualification verified. 

Please note
The IBMS Membership Team may be able to check the comparability of your qualifications for the purpose of being admitted to IBMS membership, with UK ENIC for a fee of £30. However, we will not be able to issue you with a UK ENIC Statement of Comparability. Please contact for further information.


Upgrade requirements

For each level of upgrade you must email with a copy of your qualification certificate* for your completed degree, diploma or certificate.

*We will accept official notification of your degree results on University headed paper. However, you must send in a copy of your degree certificate as soon as it is issued.


Membership fees

If you have already paid your membership fee in full for the current year, you will not pay the higher membership grade’s membership fee until the next calendar year.

However, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of your new grade of IBMS membership as soon as your upgrade has been processed.

If you are paying by monthly direct debit it will be automatically amended to your new membership fee when your upgrade is processed.

If your subscription fee is still outstanding you will be expected to pay the membership fee for your new grade of membership when your upgrade is processed.

You can find the IBMS membership fee rates here.

Our current processing time for upgrades is 6 to 8 weeks - we thank you for our continued patience as we are working through a very large volume of email applications.

Please also find our help pages on joining the IBMSContinuing Professional Development and HCPC registration.