Journal Based Learning

Journal based learning (JBL) is an excellent way to learn about scientific advances and techniques as part of your CPD

It involves reading and answering questions based on articles in scientific journals and to help you get the most out of your JBLs read our User Guide


Taking a JBL Test 

Once logged on to the IBMS website click on to a JBL test title from the list below. 

If you have passed you can add the JBL test to your IBMS CPD ePortfolio by selecting a diploma and clicking Add to my Diploma.  

You can also download a certificate confirming your JBL test score to use as evidence in your CPD ePortfolio.

You can view and manage your JBL test results on the My JBL page.



Test No 070323 / Clinical Chemistry / Deadline Wednesday 4 October 2023

Lipaemic blood: alcohol-induced acute hypertriglyceridaemia

Test No 070523 / Immunology / Deadline Wednesday 4 October 2023

Myositis specific autoantibodies: a clinical perspective

Test No 080223 / Transfusion Science / Deadline Wednesday 1 November 2023

Evaluating apheresis platelets at a reduced dose as a contingency measure for extreme shortages.

Test No 080723 / Cellular Pathology / Deadline Wednesday 1 November 2023

Microvesicular hyperplastic polyp and sessile serrated lesion of the large intestine: a biological continuum or separate entities?

Test No 090423 / Haematology / Deadline Wednesday 6 December 2023

Acute myeloid leukemia: 2023 update on diagnosis, risk-stratification, and management

Test No 202307 / Haematology / Deadline Wednesday 6 December 2023

VHrare study: Prevalence, clinical features and management of severe rare bleeding disorders in a large cohort