Email Your Local Politician

Ask your local politicians to support Biomedical Science Day 2024

Writing to your local Member of Parliament (MP), Welsh Assembly Member (WAM) or Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) will help to inform them about biomedical science and the vital role it has at the heart of healthcare.

Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Find your local MP using the postcode search above and enter your home address postcode
    2. Scroll down to find your local MP’s e-mail address
    3. Copy and paste the email content below 
    4. Send the e-mail to your MP, ensure you confirm your email address to send. 
Email content

Dear [Title and Last Name],

I am a resident in your constituency at [Your Address] and I work as a [Your Job Title], based at [Your Workplace].

My profession is crucial in delivering the safe, high-quality pathology services that form the backbone of the NHS. We play a central role in screening for, reporting on, and monitoring all diseases and viruses. In the UK, diagnostic activities are involved in over 85% of clinical pathways, with our team of biomedical scientists and laboratory staff processing more than 1.5 billion samples annually.

As Biomedical Science Day 2024 approaches on June 6th, I am eager to raise awareness about the vital role of our workforce and would appreciate your support in promoting the expertise of laboratory staff across the UK. This day highlights the indispensable contributions of biomedical science professionals to healthcare, showcasing how we ensure the well-being of millions.

You can show your support on social media with the following message:

  • Let's celebrate #BiomedicalScienceDay2024 and the UK’s incredible biomedical scientists and hospital laboratory staff #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare. Did you know they analyse over 1.5 BILLION samples a year? Let’s applaud their pivotal role in our healthcare system!

If needed, my professional body, the Institute of Biomedical Science is releasing a pivotal report which details the extensive contributions our profession makes to healthcare. I encourage you to reach out to to request a copy for a comprehensive overview. They also have engaging images and further information available.

Thank you for your time and for supporting the biomedical science community.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]