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We expect members to be in the most appropriate grade of membership based on their qualifications and experience


IBMS membership

Do I need to join the IBMS to become HCPC registered?


You can become Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered by demonstrating that you meet their standards of proficiency by completing an IBMS accredited or HCPC approved honours degree and an IBMS Certificate of Competence.

Find out more about how to become HCPC registered.

Do I need to join the IBMS to use your CPD Scheme?


You will be automatically registered on the IBMS CPD scheme when you join. If you wish to opt out then please email




Can I downgrade my membership to eStudent grade if studying?


If you are already an IBMS member in the grades of Associate, Licentiate, Member or Fellow, you cannot downgrade to eStudent membership.

My professional qualification isn’t listed under the IBMS membership grades

Please email

Can I still apply for Associate or Licentiate membership if I have not received my degree certificate yet?

We will accept official notification of your degree results on University headed paper. However, you must send in a copy of your degree certificate as soon as it is issued.

I have qualifications gained overseas

Please visit our overseas applicant's page for information on how to join the IBMS or upgrade your membership with qualifications gained overseas.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Please visit our upgrades page for information on how to upgrade your membership with newly gained qualifications.


Professional experience 

Does my professional experience need to be in the UK?


Professional experience gained abroad can count towards any professional experience requirements for IBMS membership.


Professionally register with the Science Council when you join the IBMS

To professionally register with the Science Council when you join the IBMS you will need to -


Fees and payment 

How can I pay my subscription fee?

You can pay by cheque, sterling bank draft, postal order, credit or debit card or by setting up an annual or monthly direct debit.

Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to ‘Institute of Biomedical Science’ or ‘IBMS’.

If you wish to pay by direct debit you should complete the direct debit mandate form that forms part of your application form.  

Please note
It is not possible to pay by direct debit if joining in the last quarter of the year (i.e. Oct start date)

How can I pay my registration fee?

You can include the £20 registration fee with your membership subscription fee payment. For example, if you are applying for Licentiate membership you could send a cheque or make a credit or debit card payment for £126 (£106 Licentiate subscription fee+£20 registration fee) rather than including two separate payments with your application form.

What if I don't have a UK bank account?

You can pay your membership subscription fee by sterling bank draft or credit card.

How do I cancel my IBMS membership?

Please send an email to with your IBMS number and / or DOB to confirm that you would like to cancel your membership and we will action it for you. Cancellations cannot be back dated and will be actioned on or after the date the request is received.

Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel my IBMS membership?


Welcome pack

How long will it take to process my application and receive my welcome pack?

It takes up to 4 weeks for the Membership Team to process your application, once you have sent in all of the required information and documents. Once your application has been processed you will receive your welcome pack.



Can I rejoin the IBMS if my membership has lapsed?


To rejoin the IBMS at the same grade of membership you will need to complete an application form and return it to us with payment of your subscription fees and the £20 registration fee. You will not need to resubmit any copies of qualification certificates that you have previously sent to us (we may request to see copies if we are unable to locate the certificates from your previous application). 

Please note
If you apply to re-join in the same year that your membership lapsed, the full year's membership fee will apply.  

Can I rejoin the IBMS at a higher grade of membership if my membership has lapsed?


If you meet the requirements you will be admitted to the higher grade of membership at the point of re-joining. If you are rejoining and/or upgrading from eStudent or Associate to Licentiate, Member or Fellow of the IBMS you will need to pay a £20 registration fee.  

Can I continue using my designatory letters once my membership has lapsed?

No. When your IBMS membership ceases you can no longer use the Institute’s designatory initials (LIBMS/MIBMS/FIBMS). Benefits which include medical malpractice insurance and access to services in the members’ area of the website will also cease.

Please note: You can also no longer use any Science Council designatory letters if it has been awarded through your membership of the IBMS.


Updating personal information

How do I change my surname?

Please send an email to with a copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll confirming the change of name and we will action it for you.

How do I add a suffix or certification to my profile name?

Please send an email to with a copy of the relevant certificate and we will action it for you.


Contact us

If we haven’t been able to answer your question, please contact our Membership Team via email