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Grant Funding for Employers in England

Funding is available to the employers of candidates in England undertaking any of the six Certificate of Expert Practice (CEP) qualifications, the Higher Specialist Diploma (HSD), Histopathology Reporting, Histological Dissection, Immunocytochemistry, Diagnostic Cytopathology, Cervical Cytology, Immunocytochemistry and Ultrastructural Pathology qualifications. The amount of funding that is available and the process of doing so depends on the qualification that the candidate is doing so. More details about this funding and the process for doing so can be found here.

For any queries relating to this funding please contact the Head of Examinations (Chris Ward) via


Tips for Exam Success 

This document provides advice and guidance on how to succeed in IBMS examinations. It can be accessed here.

How to Guide to Referencing - Harvard and Vancouver Referencing

The guidance document on Harvard Referencing can be accessed here.

The guidance document on Vancouver Referencing can be accessed here.

How to Guide on Reflection

This document provides guidance on different models of writing reflection. It also provides useful phrases and key words which can be used when writing such pieces, It can be accessed here.

Journal articles

Support your learning and development with authoritative scientific papers, short reports on new laboratory techniques and principles, feature articles on laboratory safety, quality, education, training and management and reports on recent scientific and technological advances.

New Learning and development section in The Biomedical Scientist 

Access The Biomedical Scientist and the British Journal of Biomedical Science.

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Science reading 

Support your learning and development with IBMS reading lists, textbooks and journals, including IBMS Reading Lists produced by our Advisory Panels to support members undertaking IBMS qualifications.

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Online lectures

Lectures from IBMS Congress on IBMS qualifications, training and discipline specific topics.  

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Online articles

Management, quality, laboratory techniques and science 

Guide to IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma Examinations

Histological Dissection: Landmarks and Pointers Past, Present and Future


Articles from The Biomedical Scientist for support staff undertaking the IBMS Certificate of Achievement

Calibration and Weighing Instruments


Liquid Handling Devices

PH Meters