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Use social media to help us spread the word about Biomedical Science Day 2024

Biomedical science is “at the heart of healthcare” and we want everyone to know. On 6th June you can unite with other biomedical science professionals by using the hashtags:

#AtTheHeartOfHealthcare or #BiomedicalScienceDay2024

This will help us to promote your work and spread the word about biomedical science.


You will have received a poster with April's The Biomedical Scientist but you can download it and an alternative by clicking below. 

bmsday24 poster a12 bmsday24 poster b1  



As part of our Biomedical Science Day Competitions we have placards you can download and print to fill out and use in your photos - telling the public what you do and how many samples your laboratory processes.

bmsplacard24300aa   bmsplacard24300bb

Roller Banner

This roller banner design will draw the eye and light up your stands!

Stand Banner

This stand banner design is the perfect overhead or table-front accompaniment to any Biomedical Science Day stand! 


Designing your own resources or promoting the day? Feel free to download and use our logo in any publications or artwork you create for your event. 


For other logo file sizes and formats please contact

Press Release

Try getting the media's attention with our easy to use press release template.

Press release template for labs>>>