Mary Macdonald Bursary

Established in memory of former IBMS Council member Mary Macdonald, the bursary is awarded to enable biomedical science support staff to undertake the IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part I or II qualification.

The bursary covers the cost of the portfolio and IBMS Associate membership fees for a year.

About Mary

Mary is remembered as an outstanding professional, colleague and mentor, who began her career as a laboratory support worker and was keen to encourage and recognise excellence in others working in similar roles through this award.

Mary made a significant contribution to the IBMS throughout her life, serving as a Council member and on a number of IBMS Committees.

To apply

Applicants and their Training Officer will both need to submit supporting statements that outline how undertaking the Certificate of Achievement Part I or II will benefit your practice and your wider team.

Please refer to the application form for more details.

The bursary is awarded on an annual basis, all applications must be made between the 1st and 18th January to be considered. More than one application can be successful in a given year.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel and successful candidates will be notified.

Please note

You cannot apply for the bursary to retrospectively cover the cost of an IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part I or II that has already been ordered, paid for or begun.