Information for Council and Committee Observers

Booking your place

Please note the information before booking your place to observe an IBMS Council or Committee meeting:

Attending the meeting

  • The number of observers permitted at each meeting will be at the discretion of the Chair

  • Observers who have not booked are not guaranteed entry to the meeting, admittance will be at the discretion of the Chair

At the meeting 

  • Observers can submit specific questions to Committee one month in advance and Committee will respond at the meeting

  • Observers may not contribute to meeting

  • Observers may not sit at main meeting table as the purpose of attending the meeting is to observe not participate

  • Committee will nominate a ‘buddy’ to look after observers at lunch time

  • Committee papers will not be sent in advance but will be available to review on day and returned to Chair at close of meeting

After the meeting

  • Observers will be asked for informal feedback by their Committee ‘buddy’ at the end of meeting

  • No travel costs or expenses will be paid and you must arrange your own travel and accommodation


If you have any questions about observing or would like to book your place at an IBMS Council or Committee meeting please contact