IBMS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) FAQ

We provide our members with a CPD scheme that offers a flexible system of recording CPD that is easy to use and meets your requirements for achieving and maintaining your professional registration.

Read our guides to the IBMS CPD Scheme, IBMS CPD Categories, Reflection on CPD, CPD Validation, HCPC and Science Council CPD to make sure you get the most out your CPD.  

Learn how to use our new CPD ePortfolio - read our IBMS CPD Scheme User Guide.  


How to join the IBMS CPD Scheme 

How do I join the IBMS CPD scheme?

To join the IBMS CPD scheme and access an ePortfolio you will need to register as an IBMS Website User. Once you have registered and logged in to the IBMS website, you will need to visit the Update my Details page and select My Preferences. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the CPD User box.

You will be registered as an IBMS CPD User within 24 hours.

Once your registration has gone through you will be able to start your access your IBMS ePortfolio and start your CPD Diploma by visiting My CPD


I am not a member of the IBMS, can I use the IBMS CPD scheme?

No. The IBMS CPD scheme is a benefit of IBMS membership and only open to IBMS members.


How to use your ePortfolio

How do I use my IBMS CPD ePortfolio?

We have created a detailed CPD User Guide to our new ePortfolio, including information on adding activities, reflection and supporting documents to your diploma, submitting your diploma for validation and starting a new diploma.

You can download a copy of our CPD User Guide here

How will I record CPD activities in my ePortfolio?

You will be able to select pre-defined activities from a list on the IBMS website or create your own activity and add it to your ePortfolio.


How will I know which CPD category to choose?

Activities listed on the IBMS website will already have a category allocated. If you create your own activity you can select the category from the drop down list.

It is up to you to choose the CPD category that you think best fits the activity you are recording. You may find this listing of CPD activities and categories on the HCPC useful.


How to submit your diploma for validation

When should I submit my CPD Diploma for validation?

When you have achieved 24 activities across three categories, with reflection on each of those activities, you can submit your diploma for validation.

These activities must have taken place within 2 years of the date you submit your diploma for validation. 

You will automatically receive a message in your ePortfolio when you have reached the required number of activities, categories and reflection to submit your portfolio for validation.    


I have more than 24 activities listed in the diploma I am submitting for validation, will I be able to carry over the extra activities into my next diploma?

No. You cannot transfer activities that you have already recorded on one diploma onto another diploma.


I forgot to add all my activities before I submitted my diploma in for validation, can add them to my next CPD Diploma?

No. Once you have been registered for your next diploma you will not be able to add any activities that you completed before your new diploma’s start date.


Once I have achieved a CPD Diploma how do I start a new diploma?

The IBMS Education team will automatically set you up on a new diploma once your current diploma had been validated and issued.

The new diploma will be available when you next login to the IBMS website.

When I start a new diploma can I add activities that I completed before my new diploma’s start date?

No. Once a diploma is issued the two-year CPD cycle starts again.

You can add activities that took place on the previous two-year diploma cycle to your ePortfolio but they will not count towards your diploma.


How to use the IBMS CPD scheme to support your HCPC and Science Council professional registration 

How can I use activities, reflection and supporting evidence stored in my IBMS ePortfolio to meet requirements for achieving and maintaining my professional registration?

You can download the activities and reflection from each of your IBMS CPD diplomas in either .csv or .pdf format by visiting My CPD, clicking on the diploma you would like to download the activities and reflection from and clicking either the .csv or .pdf buttons.

To download supporting evidence visit My CPD, click on the diploma you would like to download the supporting evidence from. Find the activity that you would like to download the supporting evidence for and click “Edit”. Click on the Uploaded documents tab and select the document title to download the supporting evidence.

More detailed FAQs are included in each of our CPD Guides.


If you have any further questions about the IBMS CPD scheme in our FAQs or CPD Guides please contact