Specialist qualifications

Advance your career and upgrade your IBMS membership with an IBMS specialist qualification


Specialist Diploma

The IBMS Specialist Diploma is a specialised professional qualification for early career biomedical scientists.

It is assessed through a portfolio of experiential learning and presentation, as well as a laboratory tour and oral examination. This will enable you to demonstrate evidence of your training, practical skills, specialist knowledge and competency gained in a chosen discipline against a benchmark standard for a specialist practitioner. 

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Diploma in Biomedical Science 

The IBMS Diploma in Biomedical Science enables early-career biomedical scientists working in multi-disciplinary services to demonstrate specialist-level knowledge and skill across biomedical science disciplines.

The Diploma in Biomedical Science is a specialist professional qualification assessed with a portfolio of experiential learning, presentation and an oral examination.

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Please note
The time limit for completing the Specialist Diploma and Diploma in Biomedical Science has been removed. However, there will be an expiry limit of 3 years on any outdated version of a portfolio from the date a new version is introduced. There is still a requirement for evidence to be current i.e. within 3 years of the examination. Evidence older than this will be discounted by the examiner.


Diploma of Specialist Practice

The IBMS Diploma of Specialist Practice will enable early-career biomedical scientists working in research or reference laboratories to demonstrate specialist knowledge and skill within their chosen discipline. It is a specialist professional qualification assessed by a written dissertation of original work or research in the field of biomedical science.

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