Degree assessment for HCPC registration

If want to become HCPC registered as a biomedical scientist and you have not completed:

your degree will need to be assessed by the IBMS Registration Team

Before you apply for an IBMS degree assessment please read our Degree Assessment Guidance.


What is a degree assessment?

The IBMS Registration Team will assess your degree against HCPC education standards to determine whether you will need to undertake supplementary education/top-up modules to meet HCPC standards of proficiency for biomedical scientists.

The degree assessment will determine whether your degree has covered all relevant subjects at the required level. 

The assessment of your degree is based on the evidence you supply with your degree assessment application.


Degree assessment outcomes

There are three possible outcomes to an IBMS degree assessment:

1. You have covered all the necessary subjects at the required level

The IBMS Registration Team will inform you by letter that your degree meets the education standards of the HCPC standards of proficiency.

You can complete an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio and when you are awarded an IBMS Certificate of Competence, you can apply to the HCPC for registration as a biomedical scientist.


2.   You have covered some but not all of the subjects required to meet the education standards of the HCPC standards of proficiency

The IBMS Registration Team will inform you by letter of the supplementary education/top-up modules you will need to take.

Any additional subjects required can be studied as individual top-up modules from a university offering IBMS accredited biomedical science honours degrees courses


3.   If you have covered very few or none of the necessary subjects at the required level

The IBMS Registration Team will inform you by letter your degree does not meet the education standards of the HCPC standards of proficiency.

You will need to complete an IBMS accredited biomedical science honours degree.


Completing supplementary education/top-up modules

If your degree assessment shows that you have not covered all of the subjects required, the IBMS Registration Team will advise you which additional subjects that you will need to take to meet HCPC education standards.

These additional subjects can be taken in the form of individual top-up modules at IBMS accredited universities.


Arranging to take top-up modules

You will need to contact IBMS accredited universities directly to arrange to take any recommended top-up modules. Visit our Careers website for the list of accredited universities and their top-up modules

Please contact course tutors by email including a copy of your degree assessment outcome letter to see if their university offers top-up modules in the subjects required by your degree assessment.

Different universities will offer different modules structures and modes of study (full-time, part-time, online etc.) and you will need to identify the best university for your situation.

You can complete top-up modules while you are working on your IBMS Registration Training Portfolio


Next steps once you complete any supplementary education 

When you have completed any recommended top-up modules you will need to send the IBMS Registration Team:

  • a letter from the university stating the specific modules you have taken and confirming that these cover the required areas of supplementary education

You will then need to complete an IBMS Registration Training portfolio

You can start an IBMS Registration Training portfolio while you complete any top-up modules but your laboratory training officer will not be able to apply for your portfolio to be verified until you have completed all required top-up modules.


Apply for a degree assessment

To apply for an IBMS degree assessment you will need to send:

  • a completed degree assessment application form 
  • a copy of your qualification certificate(s) or if you do not have this, confirmation that you have passed your degree (letter from your university)
  • a copy of the official transcript(s) of your qualification(s)
  • a copy of the subject specific content for each of the modules listed on the academic transcript of your qualification results (module descriptor)*
  • a copy of your birth certificate or the personal details section of your passport
  • payment (£275) by cheque or postal order


  • if you have changed your name - a copy of certificates listing any previous names
  • if your qualification is from overseas - a copy of UK NARIC statement of comparability statement 

to: Degree Assessment, IBMS, 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL

*Module descriptors must be submitted if you have referenced a module against the basic knowledge and key laboratory specialities in the academic profile section of your degree assessment application form.

This information is usually referred to as a module descriptor and must be clearly identifiable as a university document. If official module descriptors are not available, alternatives must be substantiated with the university stamp. 


How long will my degree assessment take?

An IBMS degree assessment can take up to 3 months from when we receive a complete application.


  • your application form is not completed or
  • you do not include all relevant supporting documents or
  • you do not include payment 

the IBMS Registration Team will return your degree application to you and will not begin your degree assessment until all documents are received.


Appealing your degree assessment outcome

If you disagree with the outcome of your degree assessment you may appeal.

You must contact the IBMS within 2 months of receiving your degree assessment outcome letter. Any appeals received after this time will not be considered.

Appeals must be made in writing to: IBMS Education Team, IBMS, 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL.

Your letter must clearly state:

  • the reason for the appeal and
  • supporting evidence where appropriate - this includes information regarding your academic attainment

This will be taken into account and reviewed by a second assessor. We will notify you in writing of the outcome.

For more information on degree assessment please contact our Registration Team.