Training Laboratory

The IBMS approves laboratories for training of its portfolio based qualifications 

Categories of IBMS laboratory training approval

The three levels of IBMS portfolio qualifications are reflected in three categories of IBMS laboratory training approval:

  • Biomedical Support Staff Training Approval (Certificate of Achievement Parts I and II)
  • Pre-Registration Training Approval (Registration Training Portfolio)
  • Post Registration Training Approval (Specialist Portfolios etc.)

IBMS standards for training in laboratories uphold existing and established standards of good practice and are used to ensure that individuals completing the IBMS portfolios receive structured and supported training.

Therefore the IBMS requires that the following portfolios are completed in laboratory with IBMS training approval:

  • IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part I and II
  • IBMS Registration Training Portfolio
  • IBMS Specialist Portfolios
  • IBMS Diploma of Biomedical Science 

Training - how to apply

You will need to submit a:

to the IBMS Examinations Team.

You can also submit a copy of your application and payment by post to Examinations, IBMS, 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 5HL.

Please note that places are limited to 60 candidates and that candidates will only be allowed to undertake one of the three distance learning courses at a time.

Training policy

The training policy that you submit along with your application should provide an overview of all training within your department. 

Your training policy should identify the following:

  • role of the training officer
  • role of the training manager (if present).
  • the role of the IBMS training portfolios within your training framework (specific to level of training approval i.e. pre-registration training  for IBMS Registration Training Portfolio etc.)
  • mechanisms of progression for staff
  • time allocated to support training
  • arrangements for completion of IBMS training portfolios

You can write one training policy to cover all levels of IBMS laboratory training approval.

Training Programme/Manual

The Training Programme/Manual that you submit should provide a detailed framework to support the training of the relevant IBMS training portfolio. 

Your Training Programme/Manual should identify the:

  • time and duration portfolio candidates will spend within each section of the department
  • knowledge and skills required for each rotation that are linked to completion of specified sections of the relevant training portfolio
  • method of portfolio/training assessment
  • identification of any sections of the training portfolio which require secondments, and arrangements in place to accommodate this
  • support training in place relevant to the IBMS training portfolio e.g. statutory training, external courses, tutorial programme etc.

Your Training Programme/Manual should be specific to the level of IBMS laboratory training approval being sought. 

Although there is no set template which laboratories must follow, guidance is available upon request from

Please read our Guidance on Achieving IBMS Laboratory Training Approval to deliver IBMS Qualifications for full details of the documentation that should accompany your application.


IBMS laboratory training approval

If your application is successful your laboratory department will be granted IBMS laboratory training approval.

IBMS laboratory training approval lasts for 5 years.  

You will be granted IBMS training approval only for the category you have applied for. 

If you wish to apply for an additional category of IBMS laboratory training approval you will need to submit an additional application.

While you may be able to use the training policy submitted with your previous application in additional applications, your training programme/manual will need to be tailored to the category of laboratory approval you are applying for.  

Assessment of IBMS qualifications relevant to level of approval will provide confirmation of training practices and give opportunity to identify and raise issues.

Updating your IBMS laboratory training approval

At the end of 5 years, your laboratory will need to confirm previous documents submitted are still current and that the laboratory remains compliant with IBMS Training Standards.

Any changes must be declared and documentation re-submitted.

Laboratory Training Approval - Update Form