Laboratory Training Approval

The IBMS approves laboratories to train candidates towards its portfolio based qualifications

There are three categories of training approval, which link to three levels of IBMS qualifications: 

Support Staff Training Approval

Training laboratory support staff through the IBMS Certificate of Achievement Parts I and II.

Pre-Registration Training Approval 

Training biomedical scientists for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council through the IBMS Registration Portfolio, leading to the Certificate of Competence.

Post-Registration Training Approval

Training qualified biomedical scientists in specialist areas through the IBMS Specialist Diploma.

The IBMS maintains an up-to-date database of approved laboratories at a departmental level, including key training staff within each department. This list of key staff is expected to match any named staff on any portfolio application.

Please note
IBMS Training Approval links only to IBMS qualifications and not to any other training schemes.


Watch our Support Hub webinar - Guidance on achieving laboratory training approval to deliver IBMS qualifications 

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Making an application for training approval

You can apply for training approval in either of two ways, depending on the previous approval status of your laboratory:

  1. If you are looking to renew your laboratory’s training approval status or apply for additional levels of training approval, please submit the completed IBMS Laboratory Training Approval Declaration Form.
    If you are looking for additional levels of approval or additional Specialist Portfolio disciplines, please also provide the completed training programme for the qualification by completing the relevant tab(s) of the IBMS Laboratory Approval Training Programme Template.

    Please note
    if you are applying for pre-registration training approval (for the Registration Training Portfolio version 5), regardless of whether this is a renewal or first-time application, you will be required to complete the IBMS Laboratory Approval Training Programme Template as this has been amended to reflect the updated HCPC standards of proficiency. Please also submit any relevant training documentation which reflects the version 5 portfolio.

    The application and supporting documentation should be submitted to 

  2. If your laboratory has not previously applied for training approval, you will need to submit a full set of training documentation to which includes IBMS Laboratory Training Approval Declaration Form, the IBMS Laboratory Approval Training Programme Template and the relevant training laboratory policies. Please refer to the IBMS Laboratory Training Approval Guidance for full details of what documentation is required. 

Please note
In the interest of streamlining this process, we can only accept applications made by email.

It is the responsibility of the individual laboratory to communicate any changes in training or staff to the IBMS by completing a Laboratory Contacts Update Form and emailing it to

Please see the IBMS Clinical Laboratory Training Standards and IBMS Laboratory Training Approval Guidance document for detailed guidance on the laboratory approval process. If you have questions regarding this process which are not covered in the guidance, please contact us at 

Digital Specialist Portfolios

If applying for training approval for Digital Specialist Portfolios please use the Digital Laboratory Approval Training Programme Template.

If applications are for training approval for specialist level Genomics and Molecular Pathology please write SP Molecular in the subject of the email and select Genetics/Molecular on the application form.

Please visit the Digital Specialist Diploma page for further details.