Biomedical Science Awards

IBMS Awards

The new and most prestigious accolades for the biomedical science profession are now open for entries

The IBMS Awards are now open for entries. They will be the most prestigious accolades anybody in the biomedical science profession can earn - gaining shortlisted and winning organisations and individuals the ultimate recognition for their achievements. 

I am proud to launch the IBMS Awards and give our members the chance to celebrate excellence in biomedical science across the UK. The ceremony will shine a light on innovative practice, outstanding individuals and teams, and help to raise the profile of our profession.

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells

The awards will provide a platform to showcase accomplishments to the wider biomedical science community and beyond. Winners will benefit from extensive publicity.

Awards recognition and attendance at the ceremony will build team morale and demonstrate the gratitude of nominators for the outstanding work of their colleagues and teams.

We want you and your colleagues to share your most remarkable accomplishments so that they can be recognised and celebrated. The IBMS Awards will give us all an opportunity to showcase the profession’s incredible work and innovations with a wider audience.

IBMS President Debra Padgett

There are 11 categories and then an overall winner:

1. Team of the Year

2. Laboratory of the Year

3. Best Use of Research, Innovation or Technology sponsored by bioMérieux

4. Training & Development

5. Partnership Working

6. Sustainability

7. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

8. Educational Institution

9. Public Engagement

10. Rising Star

11. Biomedical Science Leader

Entry fees

There is no fee for entries into categories that recognise individuals.

Organisation categories are free of charge for public, third sector and public private partnerships. Entries from private sector organisations are subject to an entry fee of £149+VAT each prior to the early bird entry deadline and £199+VAT thereafter.

  • Each entry will be judged on the information provided in the category entry form.

  • The judges will look for demonstrable evidence that you have produced work worthy of an award.

  • Judging of organisational categories will aim to recognise those that have raised the bar in biomedical science practice through innovation, technology, sustainability, ethics, people development, leadership and management, creativity and effectiveness.

  • Judging of individual categories will aim to recognise those who have delivered exceptional work, demonstrating commitment to their organisations and the profession, creativity, effectiveness and their impact on their organisations and others.