Get ready for the new IBMS CPD system

Update 20 June 2022
Due to issues members have experienced downloading their CPD records, we have agreed to push back the go-live date for our new website and CPD system.

As some members have experienced a number of issues logging in to our website and being prevented from downloading their CPD records and evidence, we have taken the decision to allow members more time. Therefore, the new website and CPD system will go live in July and we ask that all members using the CPD system to remove their records and evidence files by Friday 8th July. 

An announcement on the go-live date for the new website which will include our new CPD recording system, will be sent to all members in due course. For now, please continue to remove your CPD records and evidence files from our current system. 

Important changes are coming

Only the data we currently hold on your active CPD diploma will be transferred to our new website CPD system.

You will be required to download any evidence you have stored on the current CPD system, otherwise all CPD evidence will be deemed no longer required and will be deleted.

My CPD will be launched with the new website in 2022.

If you’re already logging CPD or you would like to start soon, there are some important actions we need you to take before we start to prepare for the switch-over.

If you have an active IBMS CPD diploma record

By Friday 8th July, you will need to:

  • Download and store your CPD record. Your My CPD history and evidence files will not be transferred to the new website.
  • Login to My CPD and save your activities using the PDF or CSV button under CPD history.

To save any files attached as evidence, you can download them by editing the activity and then selecting the file. This will automatically download the file to your device.

Please note
If you want a record of your past diplomas, you must download and save it from your records.

If you are part way through an IBMS CPD diploma

If you are unable to reach 24 activities prior to the switch over of the IBMS CPD system, please download the activities you have added so far to the active diploma (see steps above).

Once the new CPD system is in place you will be able to start logging your CPD again.

When you have completed the remaining activities on the new system to reach 24 activities, you can contact to validate and issue a certificate for the diploma.

Journal Based Learning (JBL)

JBLs can still be taken on our current site but please do not record on your MyIBMS CPD record. Once the new site is live JBLs will be able to be recorded on the new My CPD system.

Until we tell you the new timescales, keep logging as usual

There’s no need to stop logging your CPD activity. We won’t close the current platform until we've notified all members. 


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