Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

To be recognised as the leading body for biomedical science.


Our mission

We are dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of excellence in all aspects of biomedical science and will provide the highest levels of service to patients and the public.

We will support our members in their practice of biomedical science and set quality standards for the profession through training, education, assessments, examinations and continuous professional development.


Our values

Member focus

  • We will offer the leadership, support and opportunities for development that our members need to fulfil their potential.
  • We will listen to our members and address the issues that are important to them.
  • We will provide our members with services of high quality and value, tailored to meet their needs. 


  • We will act with honesty and integrity in all that we do.
  • We will say what we will do, and we will do what we say. 
  • We will use fair, open and transparent governance, management and administration processes. 
  • We will accept responsibility for our actions. 


  • We will take pride in what we do and do it to the highest standards. 
  • We will be positive in the way we talk about the Institute both to each other and those outside it. 
  • We will value and protect the Institute's reputation and heritage. 


  • We respect and value the diverse background, experience, approaches and ideas of all individuals. 
  • We will be respectful and considerate in our dealings with our members, stakeholders, partners, the public and each other. 

Continuous Improvement

  • We are forward looking and will embrace new ideas and change. 
  • We are open to learning from others and embrace collaborative working. 
  • We are committed to professional and personal development. 
  • We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them.