Setting up a new branch or discussion groups

If a member or group of members wish to propose setting up a new branch or discussion group the following steps should be followed.

  1. Establish that there will be sufficient interest to make it viable and check that its geographical/scientific areas are not already covered.
  2. New branches and discussion group proposals should be presented to the relevant regional committee along with a fully reasoned statement and evidence of support. In the case of new international branches or where no regional committee exists please email the Executive Head of Marketing and Membership.
  3. Proposals ratified by their regional committee should be forwarded to Membership and Marketing Committee (MMC) for discussion at their next meeting.
  4. If approved, MMC will ask that the new branch or discussion group hold an AGM to formalise arrangements.
  5. The IBMS Office will make the necessary financial and operation arrangements.
  6. If the recommendation is not approved MMC will write to the regional committee to outline the reasons.

Please note that although the same process would apply to establishing a new region the IBMS currently has twelve region Council members which is the maximum number allowed under Article 44 (ii) of the Institute’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.