The IBMS has created a series podcasts for members. Each episode features experts from the field discussing their research and talking about the latest developments. Formerly known as the BioPod, series 2 has launched as the IBMSpod, with new content and features. 

With self-directed learning becoming increasingly important for staying up to date with the latest research and news and developing knowledge for the wide range of IBMS exams, the podcast is hoped to be a valuable learning and CPD resource for members.

What's new for IBMSpod?

Each episode will feature 3 new segments, new presenters and thought-provoking interviews with leading experts from across the field. They'll be discussing all things Biomedical Science: from the intricacies of diagnostic laboratory work, research & innovation, teaching, writing, to involvement with the IBMS, media work; as well as their motivations & passions for the profession.

Listen and subscribe now via:

Series 1 - BioPod
Series 2 - IBMSpod
Series 3 - #IBMSChat Podcast