IBMS Mentoring Scheme


The IBMS's bespoke mentoring platform makes creating and managing mentoring relationships a smooth and practical experience.
Who is this program for?
  • Mentee - Any IBMS member who is looking for support in their career development. 
  • Mentor - Any IBMS Fellow or CSci Member who is willing to help others with their development.

During the mentoring-process the mentor shares their personal skills, knowledge and experience with the mentee to enable him or her to explore their personal and professional situation. It is a two-way process in which the mentor and mentee work together to set and achieve predetermined goals and objectives.

Mentoring is a way of enabling the mentee to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform at a higher level, and of giving them access to impartial, non-judgmental guidance and support.

We believe in the powerful impact mentoring can have on an individual’s professional growth. Everyone has something to give, and everyone has something to learn. We hope our program will enable IBMS members to reach their full potential.

Sign-up to the IBMS Mentoring Programme today (please create new account - it is separate to the IBMS website). 

Mentees will need to register for the site, have their registration confirmed by IBMS staff, and then set up their profile. When they have completed their profile they will be matched with a suitable mentor. Once mentors have accepted, they will contact mentees to discuss how to move forward.

Good luck with your development.