#IBMSChat Podcast

Introducing Series 3: #IBMSChat Podcast

In Series 3 of our podcast, Rob Dabrowski, Editor of The Biomedical Scientist magazine will be joined by various guest speakers, to discuss topics of importance to our members and our profession as a whole.

This series is based on live audio conversations that take place on the first Wednesday evening of every month on Twitter - via Twitter Spaces (i.e. our #IBMSChat).


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With self-directed learning becoming increasingly important for staying up to date with the latest research and news and developing knowledge for the wide range of IBMS exams, Series 3 of our podcast is hoped to be a valuable learning and CPD resource for members.






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S3 Episode 7: Pathology Practice Educators

Episode 7 of our podcast is hosted by IBMS Chief Executive David Wells, as he speaks with several of our members who are Pathology Practice Educators - including Mehwish Khalid, Michelle Payne and Rachel Cleaton. 

Listen now to find out more about the ways in which practice educators form a vital link between the ward and the laboratory.

S3 Episode 6: Mentorship

In episode 6 of The #IBMSChat Podcast, we discuss the IBMS Mentorship Programme. Listen now to hear from Chris Murray (co-founder and director of Perform Learn Develop, our mentorship platform), Anna Ikin and Lavanya Kanapathypilla, a mentor and mentee respectively who have taken part in our mentoring scheme. 

Anna is a Senior and Advanced Biomedical Scientist, with a specialism in cellular pathology. Lavanya is also a specialist BMS in cellular pathology and a member of the IBMS EDI group.

#IBMSChat Podcast · S3 Episode 6: Mentorship


S3 Episode 5: Addiction Awareness 

In episode 5, Rob discusses Addiction Awareness with NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals' toxicology experts, Azuma Kalu, Edmund Rab and Mohammad Kanu.The speakers outline current issues related to drug use and dependence, and how NHS toxicology laboratories are doing their part to raise awareness of addiction in the UK.

#IBMSChat Podcast · S3 Episode 5: Addiction Awareness
S3 Episode 4: How to publish your work

In this episode of the #IBMSChat Podcast, Rob sits down with Cherie Beckett (Senior Biomedical Scientist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital) and Simon Hoggart (Journal Development Manager for the BJBS), to discuss how to get your work published with IBMS publications.

S3 Episode 3: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Rob gets together with Francis Yongblah and Jemma Shead from the IBMS EDI working group for episode 3, to take a look at what the group stands for and how it is working towards its goal of championing equity, diversity and inclusion across all backgrounds within biomedical science.  

#IBMSChat Podcast · S3 Episode 3: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


S3 Episode 2: Taking a look at Men's Health

In episode two, Stuart Dawe-Long, Andrology Lead at a Manchester Hospital, tackles the subject of Men’s Health. We hear from Stuart and Rob as they discuss topics such as fertility in men, diagnostic semen analysis, and access to support for mental health services. 

#IBMSChat Podcast · S3 Episode 2: Taking a look at Men's Health 


S3 Episode 1: Harvey's Gang

Rob is joined by Malcolm Robinson - IBMS Member and founder of 'Harvey's Gang'. Also participating in the discussion are members, Rebecca Whitehouse and Zoe Andrew, as all speakers come together to reflect on the charitable initiative since its start in 2013, to how it will proceed with the IBMS newly taking over as its custodians. 

#IBMSChat Podcast · S3 Episode 1: Harvey's Gang