Superlab comics


SUPERLAB is our comic for children at Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds) and features all sorts of fun activities - each one designed to inform young people about the science at the heart of healthcare.

superlab II


This version features: 

  • A diagnostic activity with tie-ins to clinical chemistry and microbiology
  • A petri dish biscuits baking activity
  • Activities to understand PCR & viruses
  • And much more! 

Please email for print copies to use in public engagement



We're super excited to share our latest update to Superlab II written in Welsh. At present the comic's first 8 pages are translated but we are working on a full Welsh version which will be available soon. 



superlab cover click


If you are an IBMS member and would like to order some Superlab comics please email us:

A small number of the comics are also included in our usual packs of promotional items - which are available for our members in the usual place.


IBMS member Chrisy Yates, who helped create the comic, took copies to her grandson's school. They said:

The children really engaged with the booklet. They especially enjoyed being creative when making their own science superhero and liked that the booklet has a superhero theme with eye catching colours and designs.

Pupils talked about how the booklet had a flow and structure in that the characters were firstly introduced and then each was looked at in more detail in a scientific way. They also liked the range of activities in the book and thought that they were able to take away scientific facts from them too. 


Download cards

If you have made the 'Test the Sample' game,  just click the images below to download the Sample Cards and Mystery Cards!