Regions and branches

IBMS regionsThe IBMS regions and branches network enable our members, across the UK and the world, to work together to promote the Institute and for all members to get involved and be heard.

Run by IBMS members, it supports scientific and networking events, public engagement activities and work with local employers, universities and policymakers

All IBMS members are assigned a branch and region when they join the IBMS, usually based on their work or study address. This connects IBMS members to local professionals, employers and students and provides a forum to discuss local professional issues.     

Regions and branches are run by elected committees made up of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Branch committees will also include two additional branch members, while region committees will also include one member of each IBMS branch in that region. 


IBMS regions and branches support IBMS members in their local area by:

  • organising scientific and professional meetings
  • liaising with local education establishments and employers
  • delivering local public engagement activities 
  • organising social and networking events 
  • providing a channel of communication of local concerns and developments to the IBMS 

Many IBMS regions and branches also support local discipline-specific discussion groups. Visit our Discussion Groups page to find your nearest local discussion group.


Additional information

For all the latest news and events from your local IBMS region and branch log in to MyIBMS

All IBMS regions and branches have their own Group on the IBMS website including a forum, news, events, documents and webpages. You can access your local region and branch's IBMS website Group through the region or branch pages or through the links on your MyIBMS page