Council and committees

Run by our members for our members  

IBMS Council is the governing body of the Institute of Biomedical Science.

Council is made up of national and regional representatives elected by IBMS members and makes key decisions and develops policy on behalf of the biomedical science profession.

You can find your Regional Council member and our National Council members listed in the IBMS Officer Directory.


IBMS President, President Elect and Treasurer

President:  Alison Geddis MSc MBA CSci FIBMS

President Elect:  Allan Wilson CSci FIBMS

Honorary Treasurer: Gordon McNair BSc CSci FIBMS   


IBMS Standing Committees

IBMS Council members also make up the IBMS Standing Committees along with IBMS staff. 

Each IBMS Standing Committee meets four times a year and is responsible for defined areas of IBMS policy.


Education and Professional Standards Committee (EPSC)

Is responsible for areas including:

  • Accreditation of academic programmes
  • Development and monitoring of laboratory training policy
  • Development and monitoring of CPD policy
  • Professional examinations
  • Prizes, awards and research grants
  • Reporting panels and committees (advisory panels, accreditation panels, examiners, quality and training, cytology, histological dissection, immunocytochemistry)



Membership & Marketing Committee

Is responsible for areas including:

  • Membership
  • Corporate identity
  • Publicity and marketing
  • Scientific advice and representation
  • Reporting panels and committees (history, website, Congress, company members, editorial board)



Other standing committees

Remuneration Committee 

Meeting once a year, the committee is responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions of employment of the Chief Executive.

Audit Committee  

The committee, who meet once a year, acts as a bridge between the external auditor and Council.

History Committee

They oversee the history of the IBMS and biomedical science, as well as maintaining the IBMS library. Their annual report is available to view online


Find out more about the work and role of our Council and Committees in the IBMS Annual Report