IBMS new website frequently asked questions

Update 19th May 2022

As we move closer to the deadline for our new website and CPD portfolio, we have received a number of requests from members who have yet to download their CPD records and evidence documents from our current site.

Also, there are some additional testing and training for our staff that needs to be completed before we launch the new site.

Therefore, we have made the decision to move the launch until late June. This will include our new and improved CPD system and members' login area. 

As we progress through the month and closer to launching, we will provide further updates on the progress to you. 

If you are a current IBMS CPD user, you will need to get ready for the change and download your evidence files and CPD records as we are unable to transfer to the new site. 


What is changing?

We are building a new website to provide you with a smoother and more personalised online experience.

Working with Pixl8, our new website partner, the site will deliver a wide range of resources, training and events to members through a user-centred site design, with intuitive navigation and will include streamlined membership application and renewals processes.

IBMS members will be able to log their training and maintain records online using a new CPD system, whilst also integrating to our eLearning Management system - opening up learning opportunities for more of our members.

Other innovative features for members will include:

  • Manage your data and your membership account with more ease to update your personal information and preferences
  • Tailored content based on your discipline or career
  • Greater access to more content from The Biomedical Scientist and British Journal of Biomedical Science.
What will be different for the new website?

We are streamlining our website content and have worked with Pixl8’s team of user experience specialists to ensure you'll be able to find what you need, when you need it.

Once you have logged in to the new site, you will be able to manage your data and your membership account with more ease. You'll have more control over the way you connect with us too via the preference centre in My IBMS.

Our Continuing Professional Development system (“My CPD”) will also move to a new system within the new website.

When will the new website go live?

The new website will go live in late June 2022.

My IBMS and My CPD will also be integrated from the start of the go live date.

Will there be any disruption?

When the new website goes live you will be invited to register your email address and create a new password for My IBMS section of the website. Once logged in, you will be able to check and amend your details and set preferences for tailoring content and how you wish to receive information and updates from us.

The biggest impact will be on CPD users, for more details visit our 'Get ready for the new IBMS CPD system' page.

Journal Based Learning (JBL) deadlines for the current site have been shortened to expire by 19th June 2022. Once the new site is live, JBLs will be able to be completed on the new My CPD system.

Do I need to do anything?

You will receive an email before the launch of the new website providing information and directions on how to access the new My IBMS once it’s live.

If you are a CPD user, you will need to be aware of the dates and changes outlined under 'Get ready for the new IBMS CPD system'.

I have recently joined the IBMS, how am I affected?

As a new member, you will be still able to access all of your member benefits without disruption apart from our CPD platform.

How can I download and save my CPD history?

You will find an option to do this under “My CPD” at the top when logged in. Then select ‘PDF’ or CSV to download your active CPD record.

To save any files you have attached as evidence, you can download them by editing the activity and then selecting the file. This will automatically download the file to your device.

For past CPD diplomas if you want a record of those, you can download and save it in case you ever need it.

Will all of my data be transferred across to the new system?

No. Your My CPD history and evidence files will not be transferred to the new website.

You will be required to download any evidence you have stored on the current CPD system, after the deadline all CPD evidence will be deemed no longer required and will be deleted.

Will I be able to back-date CPD activities on the new system?

Yes, you will be able to add past activities to your new CPD record.

My company is a Company Member – does this change anything?

Our new website will make it much easier for you to manage your corporate membership. You will be invited to create an Administrator account where you can also update the records held on your company. This will generate a record for our Company Member directory for members to access and find out more about your company.

Is there anything else I should know?

This is the first phase of development. We intend to develop the website to support stronger professional communities among the membership. This is just the beginning of the digital improvements we intend to make and we will update members on further developments as they progress.