CONGRESS 2023 - Peanut Immunotherapy - theory and practice within the NHS

Last updated: 22nd September 2023

Food-induced immunotherapy has been practiced with varying success for over 100 years. Over the past 10 - 15 years it has gained a greater recognition in the potential management of children with food allergies. Food-induced immunotherapy can take the form of oral, epicutaneous or sublingual routes and usually results in a short-lived desensitisation rather than the acquisition of tolerance. For this reason, food immunotherapy is not a cure but relies on regular, usually daily, ingestion. Peanut immunotherapy lies mainly within the domain of clinic research however Palforzia (roasted peanut flour), was approved by NICE in February 2022 for the management of peanut allergy in children 4 to 17 years of age. The methodologies and factors associated with successful desensitisation to peanut will be discussed.

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27th September 2023
Venue: The International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham
Learning outcomes

This presentation will understand:

  • The rationale for developing safe ways of delivering food immunotherapy within the NHS
  • Food immunotherapy and its effects on the immune system
  • The various methods of delivering peanut immunotherapy (oral, epicutaneous)
  • The use of Palforzia to provide 'bite protection' in peanut allergy