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Training for Trainers (Verifiers)

At our next training for trainers event, we will be giving information on the updated registration training portfolio (V5) and how to use OneFile.

Troubleshooting Grocott / Masson Fontana Staining Focussed Webinar

This one-hour focused webinar will include the following subject matter that covers both staining techniques:
- Brief discussion of the types of tissue elements demonstrated and their clinical significance
- An outline of the staining chemistry principles
- An outline of the UK NEQAS CPT expected optimal staining criteria
- Discussion of how failures in the protocol steps affect optimal staining performance
- Presentation of data derived from UK NEQAS CPT assessments
- Discussion of how to avoid or troubleshoot the most common staining problems
- An outline of possible quality measures suitable for monitoring performance

Transitioning to ISO 15189: Support Hubs 2024

Debra Padgett, Past President of the IBMS, is hosting a new Support Hub series to support our members with the transition to the ISO 15189 standard.


Rapid Diagnostics ~ warts and all
Venue: UKHSA, Colindale

Digital Specialist Diploma in Immunology

Introducing the revised digital specialist portfolio in immunology.

IBMS Training Officer Support Forums 2024

This year, Sue Jones from the IBMS is organising a series of Training Officer Support Forums, to take place on the first Tuesday lunchtime of every month.

IBMS Support Hubs 2024

We have organised a collection of engaging and informative sessions, that will run from March to December 2024, covering topics including neurodiversity in the workplace, inter-professional learning, returning to practice, and leadership in pathology.

Digital Specialist Diploma in Blood Establishment Transfusion Practice

An IBMS webinar introducing the New Digital Specialist Diploma in Blood Service Transfusion Practice

IBMS Training for Trainers: Verifiers

At our next training for trainers event, Sue Jones and Jim Taylor of the IBMS will be giving information on the updated registration training portfolio (V5) and how to use OneFile.

Hong Kong Branch Annual General Meeting 2024

This is to announce that the 48th Annual General Meeting of IBMS (Hong Kong Branch) will be held on Friday 5th January 2024.
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