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ICC Antibody recognition and Quality Assurance Microscopy session

Delegates will attain the knowledge to recognise and assess ICC technical issues in stained sections and insights into how to assure high quality ICC staining Utilises presentations, and discussion-based sessions.

ICC Technical Issues and Quality Assurance Webinar 2023

This webinar provides an in-depth focus on the recognition and prevention of technical issues that occur in ICC, and guidance on ways to ensure ICC quality in diagnostic Cellular Pathology.

Intensive Microtomy Training Course

Full Hands-on Practical Microtomy Training course.

Microtomy is a skill that requires training and practice. The course is practical and hands-on for anyone who desire to work in histopathology department.

25-27th September 2023
2- 4th October 2023
9-11th October 2023
18-20th October 2023

Troubleshooting in Demonstration Techniques- DPAS Webinar

This is suitable for anyone who has a Biomedical Science, Histotechnology, or laboratory science background and wishes to gain an understanding of cellular components and tissue with regards to their morphology and their ability to perform one or more specific functions.

Troubleshooting in Demonstration Techniques- Retic Webinar

This webinar and associated educational workshop, provides a basic introduction and training in the theory and practice of tinctorial staining techniques used in diagnostic Cellular Pathology laboratories, including Haematoxylin and Eosin stained sections together with the special staining techniques.

Troubleshooting in Demonstration Techniques- Trichromes Webinar

The learning is aimed at students & personnel completing initial learning or qualifications in Cellular Pathology.

Train the Trainer: Verifiers & Specialist Portfolio Assessors

Online training sessions for Verifiers and Specialist Portfolio Assessors.

International Pathology Day 2023

Join The Royal College of Pathologists and their Sponsors, The British Society for Haematology and The Pathologist for a hybrid event in London this November. Themed to explore ‘The impact of climate change on disease and what can be done to tackle the challenges’. Keynote speaker Professor Virginia Murray will be in conversation with the College President, followed by a diverse range of eye-opening talks, a roundtable discussion on the topic ‘Planetary Health’, lunch time activities, a poster competition, which is now open to entries and networking opportunities for in-person attendees. Whether you participate online or in person we look forward to welcoming you to the event.

Introduction to Immunocytochemistry Web

This webinar provides a basic introduction and training in the theory and practice of ICC. Delegates will acquire the knowledge to recognise and assess ICC stained sections used in diagnostic Cellular Pathology. Utilises presentations, hands on and discussion-based sessions.

Practical Mycology Overview

A 2 day lab-based course where participants are taught how to identify a range of pathogenic fungi, including dermatophytes, Aspergillus, mucoraceous moulds, and some less common fungi Date(s) of Activity: 24-25th January 2024