Advance your career with IBMS qualifications 

IBMS academic and vocational qualifications support you to develop the skills and master the complex technologies at the forefront of advances in medical research and diagnostics. Enhance your career by developing knowledge and expertise in your chosen field and the transferable skills that employers value. 


IBMS Accredited Degrees 

Studying biomedical science on an IBMS accredited degree course will enhance your knowledge of science and it's practical application to healthcare and research. You will also develop transferable skills at the forefront of advances in medical research and diagnostics.  

Find out how an IBMS accredited degree delivers the knowledge and skills to get ahead in a career in biomedical science.   


IBMS Assessment of Non-Accredited Degrees

If your undergraduate degree is not accredited by the IBMS but is in a related scientific field, you can apply to have your degree assessed against the QAA Benchmark Statement to determine whether you need to undertake any supplementary education to meet the required academic HCPC Standards of Proficiency.

Find out more about the process of Assessment for Non-Accredited degrees.


IBMS Support Staff Qualifications

The IBMS Certificates of Achievement enable biomedical science support staff to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and evidence of their laboratory training.

Find out how IBMS Certificates of Achievement will support you to reach your potential.


Becoming HCPC Registered with IBMS Qualifications

The IBMS Certificate of Competence is a professional qualification that demonstrates you meet HCPC standards of proficiency for registration as a biomedical scientist. 

Find out how completing an IBMS Certificate of Competence will enable you to apply for HCPC registration as a biomedical scientist.   

If you are currently working at the level of an HCPC registered biomedical scientist but not HCPC registered find out how you can become HCPC registered by completing an IBMS Certificate of Competence by Equivalence.


IBMS Specialist Qualifications 

The IBMS Specialist Diploma enables early-career biomedical scientists to demonstrate specialist-level knowledge and skill in their chosen discipline.

Find out how you can advance your career and upgrade your IBMS membership with IBMS Specialist qualifications.


IBMS Higher and Expert Qualifications

IBMS Higher and Expert qualifications have been developed by experts to enhance your expertise and deliver structured training enabling you to progress in your chosen career path.

Find out how you can develop your knowledge and skills and advance your career with IBMS Higher and Expert qualifications.


IBMS Advanced Qualifications 

IBMS Advanced qualifications consolidate the highest levels of knowledge and expertise and demonstrate evidence of expertise within your chosen discipline.

Find out how you can demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge and skill and advance your career with IBMS Advanced qualifications


Read about the role of IBMS professional vocational qualifications in developing a flexible, skilled biomedical science workforce.