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However, we have provided leaflets, poster and presentation on this page that can be downloaded for use. Please note: all material (images and text) is owned by the IBMS and should not be altered in any way. You must also credit the IBMS if you re-use any of the content contained in this materials. 

Careers leaflets 

Careers in biomedical scienceThe Science at the Heart of HealthcareChosing the right degree 

Careers in Biomedical Science aimed at year 10-13 students

The Science at the Heart of Healthcare aimed at year 11 through to university students

Choosing the Right Degree for your Career aimed at students considering a biomedical science degree course for their career


Biomedical Science Poster

Biomedical Scientist Poster 

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Download and use our PowerPoint presentation - What is a Biomedical Scientist?